This is how the birth of Bird Girl goes in Mr. Pigeon (CTaRAoMToLaCN).


Sci-Ryan: Rainbow Dash? What's the matter?

Human Rainbow Dash:

Sci-Ryan: Don't worry. I could find Ladybug and friends to help out.

Human Rainbow Dash:

Iago: No problem, Rainbow. Maybe we could be better then Fluttershy.

Human Rainbow Dash:


Ryan Repulsa: I can sense someone. And she have some liking to pigeons and magic.

Hawk Moth: You can send an Akuma to this Rain-baddie.

[Ryan Repulsa fills the Akuma with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Fly away, my little Akuma. And evilize her. [to Hawk Moth] I love that line.

[The Akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile, Crash looks around with Ranyx]

Ranyx: Crash? Do you think Cat Noir is a bit sneezy like his roommate?

Crash Bandicoot: Yes? I guess he has one thing. Feather allergy.

Ranyx: Yeah. You ever heard of Ponyo?

[Meanwhile, Human Rainbow Dash sits on the chair. The Akuma flies and lands on

Ryan Repulsa: Bird Girl. I am the partner of Hawk Moth named Ryan Repulsa. I liked you when I see your band play on TV. So, I will help you have a pigeon army of your own by bestowing upon you Mr. pigeon's powers. And in return, since I would love birds, you need to bring me and Hawk Moth the Miraculous and the Matrix.

Human Rainbow Dash: Yes, Ryan Repulsa. Me and Mr. Pigeon will be 20% cooler.

[Human Rainbow lets the Akuma consume her and she becomes Bird Girl]

Bird Girl:

Matau T. Monkey: Human Rainbow? You ok?

Bird Girl: I'm Bird Girl, lady of the pigeons!

Matau T. Monkey: