This is how the birth of Bubble Siren-Girl goes in The Bubbler (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[Crash spots Sonata crying]

Crash Bandicoot: Sonata? Why are you crying? [gives her a tissue paper] Here. Blow.

[Sonata blows her nose and it sounds like an Elephant trumpeting]

Sonata Dusk: Thanks. Adrian's friend has been akumatized.

Crash Bandicoot: Akuma-what?

Sonata Dusk: Evilized.

Crash Bandicoot: Don't worry. Maybe I could crash that party Bubbler is making.

Sonata Dusk: Probably. But I'm not sure that'll make me feel any better.

[She walks away. At Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Looks like a blue girl is sad, partner. Unlike the girl named Darla Dimple.

Hawk Moth: Send an Akuma to calm her nerves.

[Ryan Repulsa fills an Akuma with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Take to the skies, my little Akuma. And help her make a party of a lifetime! [laughs crazily like Midnight Sparkle]

[The Akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile, Ryan is at a shop]

Ryan F-Freeman: Now. What does Adrian like. Hmmm.

Rikki: Who knows. Maybe you can buy something nice like a scarf or a Ryan Dimple doll.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know, Rikki. But, I won't let Megatron see you. So. You can hide in my armor.

Rikki: Ok. [hides]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan. Did you tell someone about Megatron?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ssh.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. If Megatron acts a bit like Chloe Bourgeois, then I am a Smitten Kitten who loves Evil Anna.

Ryan F-Freeman: And it's a good thing Sunset's not around. Ever heard of the Trix?

[Outside, Sonata is sitting on a bench when the Akuma lands on her pendant and a butterfly frame forms around her eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Ryan Repulsa is my name and yours is now Bubble Siren-girl. I think we need some entertainment for Bubbler's party. I give you a plan your own party kit. And by "plan your own party kit", I mean the Bubbler's powers. Oh. When you got time for some party bags, be sure to have something for me and Hawk Moth in return.

Sonata Dusk: Ok, Ryan Repulsa. I will make a party Pinkie Pie will not made before.

[Sonata lets the Akuma consume her and turns into Bubble Siren-Girl]

Bubble Siren-Girl: Time to bubble up some fun.

Evil Ryan: Sonata? That outfit made you look like a man-sized lollipop.

Bubble Siren-Girl: My name is Bubble Siren-Girl.

Evil Ryan: More like a new hood for Mater if you ask me. [looks at the camera] I don't know who or what the Trix is, boys and girls.

[Bubble Siren-Girl growls. Inside the shop]

Sci-Ryan: So. The Trix are villains from the Winx Club world? 

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: And who are the girls in that Trix group?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. There are Stormy, Darcy and Icy. Icy has ice powers, Stormy has power over storms and Darcy controls dark magic.

Sci-Ryan: By Primus. How did you see them?

Ryan F-Freeman: Back in the Cars world.

[Sci-Ryan sees some bubbles with Bubble Siren-Girl's face on them]

Bubble Siren-Girl: Hello, kiddies! You are invited to Bubbler's and Bubble Siren-Girl's party.

Sci-Ryan: Something smells fishy about her. And for once, Megatron is not evil.

Ryan F-Freeman: You go buy something for Adrian while I go find Sci-Twi.

Sci-Ryan: Ok.

[Ryan runs off to hide]

Ryan F-Freeman: Rikki, you can come out now.

Rikki: [does so] What is the problem, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think we got a villain to stop. Time to transform.

[Rikki nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: Rikki, spots on! Whoa!

[Ryan transforms to Ladyan. Meanwhile, Meg is looking around]

Meg Griffin: Optimus! Where is he?

Kagg: Who is this Optimus, Meg?

Meg Griffin: He is the leader of the Autobots, Kagg. He first met Ryan when he and his Autobots came to Earth.

Kagg: So. He fights this Megatron bot?

Iago: Well, when Ryan was shocked when Megatron shoots Bumblebee and Crash three times, so the two heroes come back and killed Megatron.

Meg Griffin: [sighs calmly] Ryan. My Odette. My smitten kitten.

Kagg: Meg? Maybe we need to save Sonata because she's akumatized.

Meg Griffin: Oh. Kagg, claws out!

[Kagg flies into Meg's watch and it's face turns to a cat's paw. Meg moves her hand then she wears a Kitty Noir mask and gains green cat eyes. She takes her hat off and cat ears appear. Her outfit change to Kitty Noir's suit with a skirt. Her belt appears on the back of the skirt. Kitty Noir does a dance before posing like Cat Noir]

[Meanwhile, Ladyan swings from building to building then lands on a roof]

Ladyan: Whoa. Ok. Where is Ladybug?

[Flutterwing flies and lands next to Ladyan]

Flutterwing: You think Sonata is akumatized?

Ladyan: Yes, Flutterwing. We could stop the party.

Flutterwing: Ok. Ladybug's on her way. [listens to find the music]

Ladyan: Yeah.