This is how the birth of Guitar Villain and Sunset's pain goes in Guitar Villain (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[Iago lands on Adrian's shoulder]

Iago: Hey, Adrian. You think Jagged likes the new glasses Marienette made?

Adrian: Yeah.

Plagg: Who is that bird?

Iago: I'm Iago. I am a hero like Megatron.

Adrian: Who is Megatron?

Iago: A former bad guy like me.

Ryan Tokisaki: I hope Bertram can be Sunset's bodyguard. Because Mr XY is cool.

[Meanwhile, Ryan, Evil Ryan and Sunset watch Jagged having a chat to Mr. XY]

Sunset Shimmer: What are they saying?

Ryan F-Freeman: Activate voice modulation. Jagged Stone. [his communicater beeps]

Evil Ryan: Activate voice modulation. Mr. XY. [his communicater beeps]

[Sunset listens]

Ryan Freeman: Whoa!

Evil Ryan: Jagged sounds mad.

Ryan F-Freeman: I can tell by his voice volume.

Evil Ryan: [in sing song] Jagged's got anger issues.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah.

[Meanwhile, at Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Hawk Moth. A rockstar is upset about something.

Hawk Moth: Such perfect pray for my akuma.

[Ryan Repulsa nods and Hawk Moth fills an akuma with dark energy]

Hawk Moth: Fly away, our little akuma.

Ryan Repulsa: And rock his world like... like a rock star would do.

[The akuma flies out of the window]

[back to Ryan, Evil Ryan and Sunset]

Rikki: Jagged sure sounded mad.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know.

Evil Ryan: We should tell Iago about what happend.

Ryan F-Freeman: No. I'm going to tell Optimus about this. Tell Ladyan about what happens. [makes phone with his fingers] Call you later.

[He walks off]

Evil Ryan: Let's keep an eye on Jagged.

[Sunset nods and Evil Ryan transforms into a toy car and drives towards Jagged]

[The akuma flies in and lands on Jagged's guitar and a butterfly frame forms around his eyes]

Hawk Moth: Guitar Villain. I am Hawk Moth. I'm giving you and your vicious crocodile the power to show the whole world that you are the number one rocker! Just make sure that you get me and my partner, Ryan Repulsa, the Matrix, Ladyan's, Kitty Noir's, Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculous in return.

Jagged Stone: Yeah! Let's rock!

[Jagged lets the Akuma consume him and Fang. Evil Ryan gasps with fright]

Evil Ryan: Uh oh.

[Evil Ryan drives back to Sunset and transforms to himself]

Evil Ryan: I think we need to run.

Sunset Shimmer: Why?

Evil Ryan: Jagged's gone evil like Megatron! EVIL!!!! [runs away screaming]

Sunset Shimmer:

[Meanwhile, Ryan finds Optimus Prime]

Ryan F-Freeman: Optimus. I got something to tell you.

Optimus Prime:

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. Sunset, Evil me and I heared That Jagged is angry about something.

Optimus Prime:

[Then, Evil Ryan run past them]

Evil Ryan: Run for your lives! Jagged's akumatized!

[Ryan looks through his pinoculers and sees Guitar Villain with Fang, now as a dragon]

Guitar Villain: Rock n rip, baby!


Optimus Prime: That sounds like Jagged. With Fang the Salamander.

Ryan F-Freeman: Salamander? Looks more like a dragon to me.

Rikki: I hope Tikki is ok.