This is how the birth of Lady Sci-Fi goes in Lady Wifi.

[Sci-Rianna finds OpThomas' info]

Sci-Rianna: Alya's gotta see this.

Emmet: Excuse me. Uhh. I don't think you could find out. OpThomas died in the war of Cybertron and Ryan keeps the truth hidden. So. You think that is wrong?

Sci-Rianna: So what? It's not gonna harm anyone.

[She was about to send OpThomas' info when she was spotted by Evil Ryan]

Evil Ryan: That is not going to be in the public eye now. Is it?

[Sci-Rianna jumps in fright then pressed the "Delete" icon]

Sci-Rianna: Oh no! I pressed delete by mistack! NOOOO!!

Evil Ryan: Sci-Rianna. I am so sorry. I notice that video is on my Communicator.

Sci-Rianna: What?

Evil Ryan: Take a peek.

[Evil Ryan shows a video on his communicator]

Lady Wifi: I'm Lady Wifi, revealer of the truth! For our first exposé, your principal would like to share a little tidbit with you. So, Mr. Damocles, is it true you wrongly suspended a student named Alya today?

Mr. Damocles: Uh... yes, it is.

Lady Wifi: So, you were biased? Unfair? Totally unjust?!

Mr. Damocles: Yes. I was.

Sci-Rianna: Oh no! Alya! [a tear rolls down her cheek]

Lady Wifi: For my next scoop, I'll be taken you to a girl and a boy who are hiding behind the Ladybug and Ladyan masks! [puts a pink stop icon on Mr. Damocles, freezing him] Stay connected.

[Evil Ryan turns off the video]

Sci-Rianna: How could he do that?!

Evil Ryan: Look. Maybe it is best to never know about OpThomas.

Sci-Rianna: Why? I just want to know who he is and I just... [growls in frustration] I will find you, bro.

[Meanwhile. At Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Looks like someone else needs aiding in their quest.

Hawk Moth: And you got some sense of negativity, partner. An easy pray for your Akuma.

[Ryan Repulsa powers the Akuma on his hand with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Fly now, my little Akuma. And join that troubled soul.

[The akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile. Ryan is looking for Ladybug]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ladybug? Optimus? Where could they be? [to Alejandro] Al? Can you give me an Ale-hand, bro?

Alejando: Ugh.. I did know Owen prefer the name of "Al".

Ryan F-Freeman: I know. Scott got a sister named Al. Short for Albertha. I think she is a hog caller. [makes pig noises]

[A pig from Angry Birds appears and jumps on Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow!

[While Alejandro help Ryan up, Sci-Rianna walks past, in tears]

Sci-Rianna: How could Alya be suspended?

[She sits on a bench then saw an akuma flying]

Sci-Rianna: Huh?

[It lands on her phone and a butterfly shape forms around her eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Lady Sci-Fi, I am Ryan Repulsa. I notice that you want to show the excistance of OpThomas Prime to the world. Hawk Moth and I can help you with that by giving you Lady Wifi's powers. Oh. I almost forgot. While you do that, you must bring me and Hawk Moth the Matrix and the Miraculous. So, you think you agree?

Sci-Rianna: Yeah. I will find out OpThomas Prime's secret identity.

[Sci-Rianna lets the akuma consume her and she becomes Lady Sci-Fi]

Lady Sci-Fi: Time for some pay back.

Chainstorm: [painting] I am not as fast as I'm used to. But if you are up there, please save Alya, Bandicootman.

Lady Sci-Fi: Sorry. I'm Lady Sci-Fi, the

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Rianna? Not you too.

Rikki: You're going to fight Sci-Ryan's female counterpart?

Ryan F-Freeman: Correction. I'm going to SAVE Sci-Ryan's female counterpart. Let's do it.


Ryan F-Freeman: Rikki, spots on! Yeah!


Ranyx: I think I can do this. I think I could.

Flitter: The Little Enguine that Could. That is a good thing you did read.

Ranyx: I know. Flitter, wings open!

[Flitter flies into Ranyx's neck coller and he transforms to Flutterwing]

Lady Sci-Fi:

Flutterwing: [grabs Lady Sci-Fi] Stop right there, Sci-Fi.

Lady Sci-Fi: Who are you?

Flutterwing: I am Flutterwing. Friend of Ladybug and Ladyan.