This is how birth of Mimikitty goes in Copycat (CTaRaoMToLaCN).

[Ryan and Iago finds Twilight]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Twilight. Thomas was worried about you. What's the matter?

Twilight Sparkle: Théo has been akumatized,

Iago: Don't worry, Twilight. If Cat Noir is innocent then you like Ryan as a Prime. Meg can be a Prime as well.

Twilight Sparkle: I should be a Prime, Iago! Optimus chose me! I'll show Ryan who the real Prime is!

[Twilight runs off]

[Meanwhile, in Hawk Moth's lair]

Ryan Repulsa: Hawk Moth. I think I smell a pony with a disire to become a Prime.

Hawk Moth: Guess you can do it, partner. And you got her for your Akuma.

[Ryan Repulsa fills the Akuma with dark energy]

Ryan Repulsa: Fly away, my cool akuma. And corrupt her like a friend of Connor Lacey.

[The Akuma flies out of the window]

Iago: Twilight. Wait.

[Twilight stops and saw the Akuma flying]

Twilight Sparkle: Whoa. A butterfly.

[The Akuma lands on a photo of Thomas and Connor Lacey and a butterfly frame forms around her eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Mimikitty. I am Ryan Repulsa. I apologise for the hero Ryan being a Prime but, I think a girlfriend for Copycat can do. I need your help. I think you want to love Ladyan. For it, I give you Copycat's powers and look like Kitty Noir. In return, you need to bring me and my partner the Matrix and the Miraculous. Can you do it?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Ryan Repulsa. Soon, Ryan will pay and his roomate Ladyan will love me.


Mimikitty: Meow. I am a hero.

Iago: Twilight? You ok?

Mimikitty: I am Mimikitty, the Princess of mimicry.