This is how the birth of Sci-Ryan Weather goes in Stormy Weather (CTaRaoMToLaCN).

[Sci-Twi finds Sci-Ryan who is sad and sits next to him]

Sci-Twi: Ryan? What is the matter?

Sci-Ryan: [sadly] I lost the contest and Aurore has got akumatized, Twilight.

Sci-Twi: Maybe you can ask Morro to help you.

Sci-Ryan: I can't. I don't know how to trust him. I think I am better then Morro.

Sci-Twi: Maybe you need to trust him.

Sci-Ryan: Why? I can't have Morro to trust me! I can prove that I am better then him! I'll find someone or Paris will be a frozen wasteland! [runs off]

Sci-Twi: Wasteland?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think he means Wonderland.

[Sci-Twi nods. At Hawk Moth's lair]

Hawk Moth: Oh. A Shadowbolt that had some trust issues, partner.

Ryan Repulsa: And I think you can handle him, partner. The perfect pray for your akuma.

[Hawk Moth powers the Akuma with dark energy]

Hawk Moth: Fly away, my little Akuma. And evilize him.

[the Akuma flys out. Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan goes in a lift]

Sci-Ryan: I should be a ninja! I got my magic, the good looks. Everything! But, Morro took it away from me! They took everything away from me! They...

[the lift stops]

Sci-Ryan: It stopped?


Sci-Ryan: Oh. A butterfly.

[It flies towards Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Easy. I'm a Keyblade wielder and I can help you get out.

[The Akuma lands on Sci-Ryan's amulet as the power comes on]

Hawk Moth: [voice] So correct you are. You should be better then Morro. Yes.

Sci-Ryan: I should be better then Morro. Yes!

[a butterfly frame appears around Sci-Ryan's eyes]

Hawk Moth: Sci-Ryamy Weather. I am Hawk Moth.

Sci-Ryan: You think I can have Stormy Weather's powers?

Hawk Moth: Yes. I give you these power so you can get rid of the Ghost Ninja. But, you must do me and my partner a favour while you do it. Can you do that?

Sci-Ryan: Yes. I'll show everyone that Morro cannot be trusted and they should trust me.

[Sci-Ryan lets the consume him and he becomes Sci-Ryamy Weather]

Sci-Ryamy Weather: Time to show them all that I am better then Morro.