This is how the birth of Time-Skater goes in Timebreaker (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[Ryan find his brother]

Ryan F-Freeman: Brother? You ok?

Cody Fairbrother: Yeah. But, Alix has been Akumatized.

Evil Ryan:

Iago: Come on. I hope we can fix that watch. Like Old Yeller is ok.

Ryan F-Freeman: Old Yeller got shot at the end of his film.

Emmet: Oh. Spoiler alert.

Cody Fairbrother: You think I can do it like that? Sunset should never reform Sci-Twi at all! [runs off]


Ryan Repulsa: Hawk Moth. I think I got someone.

Hawk Moth: A keyblade wielder from Equestria failed the Keyblade mastery exam. I hope he is ready for your Akuma.


Ryan Repulsa: Fly away, my Akuma. And take control of this boy.

[The Akuma flies out the window. Meanwhile, Sci-Ryan is reading a book with Sci-Twi]

Sci-Twi: Wow. That Swan Princess book of yours is a good one.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. And we are in it one time. Ryan and Odette are smitten kittens for Meg and Derek.

Sci-Twi: You are lucky Sunset is with someone else.

Sci-Ryan: Say. Ever heard of Dark Blyan and Dark Bloom?

Alf: I would love to hear it.

[Cody walks then an Akuma lands on his boot and a butterfly frame appears around his eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Time-Skater. I am Ryan Repulsa. I felt your sorrow when Alf the Robot Train is responsible for beating you in a race. Well. I can help you with this by giving you Timebreaker's powers so you can absorb the energy of anyone who wronged you and to go back in time to restore the future, our future. And in return, you need to get the Matrix and the Miraculous for Hawk Moth and me. So, you ready to skate?

Cody Fairbrother: Yes, Ryan Repulsa. So, I will go back in time for my girlfriend's watch.

[Cody lets the Akuma consume him and he becomes Time-Skater]

Time-Skater: And undo the future that is Megatron.


Sammy (Busy Buses):

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