Lucas Bishop (Earth-12131) 001
Bishop was originally a "tracker," a mutant collaborating with the Sentinels hunting down members of the Resistance until he was deemed unnecessary and marked for extermination, which prompted him to join the Resistance. He travels back in time to stop the assassination of Senator Kelly and prevent the "Days of Future Past" time-line from occurring (with Bishop assuming Kate Pryde's role from the comic version of this tale). While he succeeds in saving Kelly, in his time-line there is no recollection of the X-Men as they have all died. Later, he returns to stop the spread ofApocalypse's techno-organic virus; however, he also faces resistance from Cable, who knows the virus is necessary as it will also lead to the salvation of mutant-kind. He also shows up in some more episodes, where he and his sister travel back in time to stop Fitzroy from killing Xavier in the past, causing constant war between mutants and humans in the X-Men's time, and his time changes into one in which the few surviving mutants are known only as slaves to Master Mold. They eventually manage to save Xavier, but Bishop gets trapped in the Axis of Time when Apocalypse throws him out of time. He eventually saves the entire time-line when he accidentally begins to free the psychics in the "Beyond Good and Evil" arc. After Apocalypse is defeated, Bishop manages to leave the Axis of Time. Later on, he joins the X-Men when something bad happens in the future that he must change before the whole world will be doomed.

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