Black Lord

Black Lord is a mysterious figure of a large magnitude god who wants to rule the Earth. Previous titled Black Priest, he was a mysterious figure who made himself the new ruler who holds VUDO Black Lord after the fall of Rasputin.


After the fall of Rasputin who betrayed him by taking seventh Power Stone in an internal power conflict in the Royal VUDO, he now holds far greater power and use the title of Lord Black. At the end of the series, he was eventually destroyed when Bima-X obtains the power of Satria Powerstone Dark to transform into Bima-X Ultimate Dark Mode by using the Satria Golden Slash, thus putting an end to his reign of terror once and for all.


  • He will become Sonic and Friends' Enemy in All Heroes VS Dai-Shocker.
  • He is the darkest villain of the Tokusatsu series, alongside Jinga from Garo Series, Ryubee Sonozaki, Kiyoto Maki, and Lem Kannagi.