This is how Black Phantom reveals himself goes in Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1.

[Twilight and Optimus train]

[The Arachnix drones appear]

Twilight Sparkle: Who are you?

Black Phantom: I am Black Phantom. This is my pet, Arachnix. And with these Plunder Vines, nothing will stand in my way in getting to the Tree of Harmony.

Twilight Sparkle: For what?

Black Phantom: For it's magic, of course.

Twilight Sparkle: Never. The magic will recognize you're a villain.

Black Phantom: I've already got a solution for that.

[Black Phantom clicks his fingers and Voltix steps out] 

Black Phantom: Now will you give me the Elements or will I have Voltix just rip them from you?

Twilight Sparkle: I don't know.

Black Phantom: Hmm, there seems to be a relation between these six. [to Voltix] Voltix, start with the lavender one.

Voltix: It'll be a pleasure, boss. [to Twilight] This will teach you to mess with villains like Black Phantom.

[Voltix uses his Lightning Whip to take the Element of Magic]

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