Black Ryan Max

Black Ryan Max is a Black Infernite Max version of Ryan F-Freeman.


Black Ryan Max was created when Flain unleashed the magic of his amulet and Ryan saved Flain from getting engulfed but not himself. Ryan transformed to a Ryan F-Freeman-Black Infernite Max hybrid called Black Ryan Max. After destroying Mal for defeating Black Infernite Max, he went on a rampage, opening portals to Equestria and Planet Mixle


Black Ryan Max




  • [laughs like Midnight Sparkle] You are right, Flain! I didn't understand this power before. But, I do now!!
  • Why not, techno-siren? There's two other worlds out there and they are just filled with Magic and Mixle Power!
  • So what? There's more Magic and power in these worlds. And I want to understand them all!
  • Now, I will finish what Black Infernite Max did not!
  • Now, you will be one with my darkness!
  • Sora... You remember me?
  • No! Stop! I want to be the powerful then Sora!
  • You and Dark Ryan can never truly defeat me! [laughs evilly]
  • Wrong, science girl! Midnight Sparkle is a part of you!
  • Black Ryan Max is a part of you! I will always be there, waiting in the darkest shadows of your mind. I'll be back, Ryan! And this time, I will not stop until I have ALL the power!!
  • Mal? Flain's former friend is in control of Mike?

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