This is how Blackout attacks the wild western base goes in My Little Pony Transformers.

[We see a desert as we see a plane flying over the sands]

[On board are some soldier ponies]

Sun Strike: Man, I can wait to go home. I really can't wait to taste Mama's Barbeque again.

Moon Assault: Man, you've talking about Mama's Barbeque ever since we finished our previous mission. I ain't ever going back there.

Star Striker: Moony, Moony, Moony. You're just saying that because you don't know good barbeque when you taste it.

Fig Tree: [says something in Spanish]

Gleaming Shield: Fig, we've been over this. We don't speak Spanish.

Ground Breaker: English please.

Moon Assault: What about you, Captain?

Captain Thunderbolt: Ah, nothing much. I just can't wait to hold my baby girl for the first time.

[They tease about this]

Captain Thunderbolt: [in Lennox's voice] Shut up.

[Their plane arrives at the Canterlot Military Base in the Wild West]

[We see soldier ponies playing basketball, relaxing in kiddie pools, even some of them taking showers with their shorts on]

[An Appleloosan colt comes up to Thunderbolt, who is writing a report about the mission]

Little Appleloosan Colt: Thunderbolt!

[Thunderbolt looks up and sees him]

Captain Thunderbolt: Hey, what's going on?

[The little colt offers him a canteen]

Little Appleloosan Colt: Water?

Captain Thunderbolt: Oh thank you. [takes it and drinks some of the water] You here to help out with the gear?

[We cut to a helicopter searching for the base]

[Cut to the control room in the base]

Technician Pony: Sir, we have an unidentified flying military object in our airspace.

Base Commander: Put me through.

[Cut back to the chopper as the base commander talks]

Base Commander: Unidentified flying military object, you are flying in restricted airspace.

[Two jets fly off to find it]

[When the two jets do find it, they see it says 4500X on its side]

Jet Pilot Pony: Unidentified flying military object identified as Chopper 4500X.

[Back in the control room, a soldier pony comes up to the base commander with a report]

Soldier Pony: Sir, it says here that Chopper 4500X was shot down 3 months ago in Drafghanistan.

Base Commander: Well, check, then check again.

Soldier Pony: [gravely] I did, sir. A friend of mine was on that chopper.

[The jets lead the chopper to the base]

[Captain Thunderbolt walks into a tent]

Captain Thunderbolt: Am I on?

Technician Pony: You're on, Captain.

[He goes over to a computer with a face cam]

Captain Thunderbolt: Hahaha, my ladies!

[We see he is talking with his wife and baby daughter]

Captain Thunderbolt:(about his daughter) Oh, she's so big, I just wanna chew on her. Liz, I just want you to know, we did really good.

Lightning Cloud (nicknamed Liz): She has your laugh.

Captain Thunderbolt: She laughs?

Lightning Cloud: Her first one.

Captain Thunderbolt: Oh, wow. Are you sure she didn't just hiccup?

Lightning Cloud: No, she's a lady.

[The baby coos at seeing her father]

Lightning Cloud: She doesn't know you yet, but she will.

[Cut back to the chopper landing]

Base Commander: Chopper 4500X. Something's not right.

[As if to confirm it, the technician pony notices something about the computer]

Technician Pony: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[We see the computer is glitching]

Technician Pony: It's coming from the chopper.

[He picks up a phone, but the lights start flickering]

[Cut back to Captain Thunderbolt's chat with his wife and daughter, as it starts short circuiting the screen]

Lightning Cloud: Thunder?

Captain Thunderbolt: Hey, Liz, if you can hear me, I'll be home soon.

[The chat finally cuts off]

[Soldiers surround the chopper]

Base Commander: Pilot of Chopper 4500X, power down now.

[The chopper does so, though we see the "pilot" suddenly glitch, signifying the helicopter is somehow driving itself]

Base Commander: Have your crew step out, or we will kill you.

[As if in response, the helicopter blades and tail rotors stop suddenly]

[The blades rise up slowly and then fold back and lower again]

Soldier Pony: Hold your fire!

[Parts continue shifting and then shift fast as the chopper suddenly transforms into the Decepticon, Blackout]

Base Commander: My word.

[The soldiers fire at the giant robot, who returns fire]

Moon Assault: Sound the alarm! We're under attack!

[Blackout continues his rampage]

[He then rips off the roof of the control room and begins hacking into the system]

Base Commander: No. [sees the files he is hacking] It's going after the files! Cut the hardline!

Technician Pony: I need a key! It's locked!

[The base commander grabs a fire axe and cuts the hardline]

[Meanwhile, Blackout continues his rampage]

[As Moon Assault is running, he is nearly stepped on]

[He holds a camera up to Blackout, who sees him]

Blackout: (activates his chest gun)

Moon Assault: Why are they always aiming at me?! (runs)

Fig Tree: (fires some flares)

Blackout: (fires a warning shot and dispatches Scorponok)

[Scorponok chases after the soldiers]

[Blackout kills some soldiers trying to escape and the screen goes black]

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