This is how Blizzaria's Want Bodyguard's and the Paw Patrols True Dream goes in Paw Patrol in the Six Super Heroes Yo-Kai.

Yo-Kai Heroes: (Singing) All for one! All Yokai of honor, hear the call! Yo-Kai Heroes Singing All for one and one for all!

Pete: Your Majesty. So glad you could grace us with your Royal Omnipresent.

Enma: I want bodyguards!

Pete: Huh?

Blizzaria: You heard him! Yo-Kai Hero Bodyguards!

Yo-Kai Heroes: Villains, Keima run in fear! When they see the Yokai Hero! Saving world is our duty! Mess with us, We'll kick your-

The Yokai stab the dummy in the chest

Yo-Kai: Uh!

Pete: Ouch. Bodyguards. Absolutely. Let me check my schedule here.

He look at the Calendar

Pete: Ooh. How about next Thursday?

Enma: How about 10 minutes at my estate? Give me bodyguards to Blizzaria, Pete!

Pete: Ooh!

Pete saw the Paw Patrol, OWCA Agents, Sunil, Jibanyan and their Friends doing their new job, washing the windows

Rubble: Pancakes, Cornflakes, Scramble Eggs. Buttered toast and Apple Jam. Tonight it's meat and I hope it's spam.

Perry: Rubble! Terry! Slow down!

Then began to fall

Pete: Oh, Blizzaria. You're in luck, Have I got the Yokai for you.

Blizzaria: Well, I hope so.

Enma: Thanks to your incompetence, this whole thing has been a pain in the neck!

Pete: Grr... I'll show you two a pain in the neck.

He is trying to pinch them and then Enma look back at him for what's doing

Pete: He he he...

In the Yo-Kai Detective agency

They are repair the damage they did very slowly, because they are still sad

Whisper: Well, our dreams are still away, whissu.

Marshall: (Sigh) Look, USApyon. Don't worry about what Pete said to us. Cheer up, everyone. I'm sure there's someway we can become a Yokai Heroes.

USApyon: Oh boy, dani...

Sunil: We got some work to do. Hey, Komasan, we can prove Pete's wrong about us. If we just work hard and stick together.

Komasan: You really think so, zura?

Jibanyan: Hey, have we ever let you down? Have we? Have we? Have we?

Komajiro: No. Zura.

Perry: Just imagine, you guys. Maybe Not today, maybe not tomorrow, But someday Pete's gonna march here and say-

Then Pete appeared

Pete: Congratulations, boys!

Chase: Huh?

Pete: You passed the test. I've been watching you all. And I'll tell you what. You guys have what it takes to be a Yokai Heroes!

Sunil: Really? Y-Y-You mean it?

Pete: Cross my heart.

Chase: Alright! Hey, hey, you guys! We're gonna be a Yokai Heroes!

Russell: Yokai Heroes!

Peter: Yokai Heroes!

They dress up

Marshall: I knew what had what it takes.

Whisper: Because we are so smart.

Pinky: And brave.

Perry: And together we are gonna be great big Heroes. what do you say, everyone? All for one

Terry: And two for tea.

He accidentally slice Rocky's cape

Rocky: Ah!

Pete: Eesh

Perry: Well... uh... we'll work on it.

To be continued

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