They came back and they got a Jack-in-a-box

Stewart: At last. Now this heart should Finally work.

He's gonna do it and then something hit his hand causing it to go flying out if it

Stewart: Ow!

Then the Heart landed in Blood Falcon's Hand

Blood Falcon: Aw, for me? That's very sweet of you. And it's not even my birthday. Later, loser!

He ran off, our Heroes is going back him and he's gone 

Shoutmon: Drat! He got away!

Falcon: Not quite.

He take out his remote. He pressed the button and the Blue Falcon showed up

Falcon: Hop on! We'll find him!


Blood Falcon is riding his vehicle and he made it to Black Shadow evil Lair, and then our Heroes have arrived

Flacon: It's true! I knew Black Shadow was behind this!

They are going to find Blood Falcon and they found him, they are fighting him and they did it

Blood Falcon: Alright! Alright! I give up! I tell you where Black Shadow went with that heart!

Falcon: Go on.

Blood Falcon: This door leads to the Giant Machine room where my boss is at the moment. And this time, when we meet again Captain Falcon and next time you won't be so lucky!

They went off to Stop Black Shadow

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