Bloom's Adventures of The Wizard of Oz is another Winx Club crossover planned to be made by RatiganRules. It is unknown when the film will be made.


Bloom and her friends (along with SpongeBob, Simba, Mickey Mouse, Gwen, and their friends) meet a girl named Dorothy and her Dog Toto who always wanted to know to go over the rainbow and went to the incredible Oz and meet The Good Witch of the North to help save Dorothy and Bloom from The Evil Wicked Witch of the West, whom Ratigan, Fidget, Jafar and Maleficent work for and try to get her sisters Ruby Slippers which fits perfect on Dorothy. Together Dorothy, Toto, Bloom, and their friends go on an adventure and meet a lot of new friends like The Scarecrow, The Tinman, and The Lion. Will our heroes save the day? You be the judge.


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