Bloom's Bloomix

Bloom in her Bloomix form.

Flora's Bloomix

Flora in her Bloomix form.

Stella's Bloomix

Stella in her Bloomix form.

Musa's Bloomix

Musa in her Bloomix form.

Tecna's Bloomix

Tecna in her Bloomix form.

Aisha's Bloomix

Aisha in her Bloomix form.

Bloomix is the main transformation in Winx Club Season 6. As a result of Flora, Stella, Musa, Tecna and Aisha losing their Sirenix powers after trying to destroy the Legendarium, Bloom shares pieces of her dragon flame with the Winx. In order to aquiree the transformation, the Winx do brave and courageous acts. Like Enchantix, Flora earns it by saving her younger sister Miele. Also like Enchantix, Bloom is the last fairy to earn the transformation. Because it's Bloom's dragon flame the Winx are using, Bloomix is the most powerful fairy transformation. The transformation song for Bloomix is Bloomix: The Power of the Dragon.
Winx Club Bloomix Transformation (with Bloom) HD-003:10

Winx Club Bloomix Transformation (with Bloom) HD-0

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