Here's how the Blooper Reel Goes in Mal's Mixel Friendship Games.

Blooper 1

Mal: Flain, what have you been up to?

Flain (EG): Me? Oh, I was just, uh—

[Then Krog Appears and shout to Mal]

Krog (EG): Who wants to know?!

Gobba (EG): Um, we do.

Chomly (EG): All right, everyone. Sorry. Force o' habit.

Mal, Gobba (EG), Krog (EG), Flain (EG): [giggle]

Blooper 2

Flain (EG): Guess I'm not the only one to smuggle his pet into school.

Kraw (EG): Not just one.

[They open a backpack reveal to be more pets]

Blooper 3

Flain (EG): Burnard? Why is my cousin here?

Principal Cherubimon: As an alumni, Dr. X thought he could provide some unique perspective.

Flain (EG): Perspective on what?

[He Spins the chair, Revealing to be Dr. X]

Dr. X: Why, the Friendship Games, of- [But he spins himself on the spinning chair] Whoa! [Laughs]

Flain (EG): [Laughs]

Blooper 4

[The Glorp Corp and the Electroids Max into 2 Maxes]

Electroid Max: Awesome!

Glorp Corp Max: Sweet!

[But then, the lights turn on, and gets tangled with the rope]

Electroid Max: Hey!

Glorp Corp Max: What the?

Blooper 5

Flain (EG): Beyond these rooms, beyond these walls~ [But he trips himself and falls over] Whoa! Ouch.

Blooper 6

[They get even more pets everywhere]

Blooper 7

Magnifo (EG): Yes. If only that Dr. X hadn't re-freeze it—re-frozen—frozen it again, much clearer. Oh, six pages since my last line and then there's this totally shifty line, no costume change, I mean really! Can I speak to the writer?! Is he on the— What?

Blooper 8

[Zaptor Switches to Party Cupcakes, but Lillipup ate them]

Lillipup: [belches]

Blooper 9

[They continue revealing more pets]

Blooper 10

Vice Principal Zhuqiaomon: Somewhere on campus, a pennant from each school has been hidden. The first team to find their school's flag and bring it... back... wins. Back wins.

[off-screen: That was really good.]

Vice Principal Zhuqiaomon: Thank you. Thank you. I am a fropessional.

Blooper 11

[Mal jumps and lands badly, but ends up getting hurt]

Mal: [grunts] Oh, am I getting danger pay for this?

Blooper 12

[He loses the grip and falls down, but reveals to be a green screen onstage]

Fleur Dis Lis (EG): Ah.

Sky (Total Drama): Huh.

Magnifo (EG): Anticlimatic.

Sky (Total Drama): Anti-nothing really.

Magnifo (EG): Hmm.

Sky (Total Drama): Hmm.

Blooper 13

[They make too much pets]

Blooper 14

[As Gobba flies with FangGang Max]

Gobba (EG): This is awesome!

Blooper 15

[Kamzo listens to the music, Then DJ-Pon 3 (EG) switches the headphones to Kamzo, And rocks the music]

Blooper 16

[Zaptor Emerges from the Portal and High fives and the Other Zaptor goes into the Portal, And Zaptor enjoys the Lollipop and winks as he leaves]

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