This is how the blooper real and the post credit scene goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle show How to Train Your Dragon.

[the the blooper reel goes]

Blooper 1

Stuingtion: Speed?

Speed: Marker! [closes clipboard]

Stuingtion: And, action!

Thomas: [whistles]

Twilight: You needed us, Princess?

Princess Celestia: Yes, I have a task for you to go somewhere.

Thomas: Where?

Princess Celestia: The Isle of Berk, Thomas.

Twilight: The Isle of Berk? I'm sorry, I-I thought I'd studied. Ooh. I don't think there's anything in any of my books th–

Princess Celestia: There wouldn't be. The Isle of Berk has been forgotten by many in Equestria. [then leans back and falls over]

[Crewman laughs]

Blooper 2

Astrid: [charges the Deadly Nadder, ready to strike it with her ax] GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

[but then she hits the camera by mistake]

Blooper 3

Stuingtion: And, action!

Princess Celestia: No. You are to head to the Isle of Berk and find a viking named: "Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III." He plays an important role in the task.

Twilight: What was my line again?

Stuingtion: "For what"

[then the crew, Thomas, Twi, and Celestia start laughing]

Blooper 4

Stuingtion: Speed!

Speed: Marker!

Stuingtion: And, action!

[Hiccup and the team come onto a ledge to watch the Night Fury]

Pinkie: [slips and falls off] Whoa!

[then everyone starts laughing]

Blooper 5

Hiccup: [sticks out his hand]

[Then Toothless transforms to Discord!]

Discord: Hello!


[Everyone laughs]

Stuingtion: Cut.

Blooper 6

[we see our heroes folowing Toothless and then a bug flies into Dusty's mouth]

Dusty: [chocking] Uh, stop! Stop! I think I sallowed a bug!

Rainbow: [laughing]

Stuingtion: Cut.

Blooper 7

Speed: Marker

Hiatt: And action!

[Hiccup then picks up the fish and walks slowly forward keeping an eye out for the Night Fury]

Twilight: Oh, Mr. Dragon?

[As they look around, Spud is doing something silly on top of a rock]

[the crew men start laughing and then the team laugh]

Blooper 8

Hiccup: Something stupid. [then shows he has a mustache on him]

[Crew laugh]

Hiccup: What? What are you laughing about? [sees the mustache] Huh? [laughs] Real funny, Pinkie!

Stuingtion: Alright, we're loosing our, let's wipe it off and go again.

Blooper 9

[our heroes are looking out at the leaving viking ships]

Willy: [has a tellescope] That's it, they're gone. [takes the telescope off his eye and he has a silver ring around it.]

[the crewmen laugh]

Willy: What? What's so funny? [notices the silver mark]

[the others laugh]

Willy: PINKIE PIE!!!

Blooper 10

[Then we see Fluttershy's wings saying "This pegasus. For rent]

[Crew laugh]

Fluttershy: Hmm? [notices the writing] Darn it, Pinkie!

Stuingtion: Alright, let's go again.

Blooper 11

Percy: Oh, hey. We're rehearsing a - a scene for the upcoming Equestrian play called uh,

Mako: "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Us." It's a musical. Put that thing back where it came from or so help us...

Sharky: "Bom, bom, bom, bom...

Mako: "Get that thing away from me, you guys! Put that thing back where it came from! Or I'll poke myself in the eye!"

Sharky: Bom!

Mako: [chuckles nervously] It's a... It's a work in progress, but it's gonna get better.

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