The current Blue Beetle.

The scarab eventually finds and bonds itself with teenager Jaime Reyes, and he becomes the third and current Blue Beetle. Batman mentors Reyes in how to use his powers and how to become a better hero, and even teams up with him to battle villains Kanjar Ro and Sportsmaster. Reyes finds Ted Kord's old lair and uses the Bug airship to travel to Science Island where he is manipulated by Jarvis (pretending to be Ted). Batman and Blue Beetle stop Jarvis's plan. In Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, he has a strained relationship with his father thanks to the scarab, so he attempts to feel closer to home by working at a soup kitchen, where he meets a girl named Traci. He is captured by Slade when his chair at the Soup Kitchen is electrocuted (similar to how Cyborg was captured by Slade in the comics). However, at the end of the movie, Jamie's family visits him at the soup kitchen where he reconciles with his father.