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Blue Dragon is a friendly water breathing dragon, who resides on Sunset Mountain.



Bue Dragon is a rare water dragon form the village of Greenerde. He was raised by a Unicorn named, Uni, when he was just an egg. But years later, his home was attacked by a angry 5-headed, fire-breathing dragon. Almost all of the settlers in his home were killed, and he and Uni escaped and took shelter in the cave of Sunset Mountain. They lived in the cave for years but then one day, Uni died of old age. After the death of his friend, Blue Dragon spent years up on the mountain to avoid anyone from trying to kill him. He also watched all of our heroes do they adventures and when the villains attack he's had an urge to go and help but he was alays nervious of doing so. But the one time he almost made it out to help was when Tirek attacked. The dragon has a mind to murder Tirek for hurting inoccent equines and stealing their magic and even when he tried to get Megatrain's army. But even after Tirek was killed, Bue Dragon still waited for the time when he'd return so the dragon could fly out and kill him.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders Movie

Then when The CMC, Babs Seed, Vanellope, Melody, and Stephen came onto Sunset Mountain to get the Princesses' crowns back, they lost their main source of getting home, so Blue Dragon ran up and he fly them all the way back to Ponyville. After the many wars, Blue Dragon still stayed on Sunset mountain.

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