Blurr the Autobot

Blurr the Autobot

Blurr is an Autobot and a character from Transformers: Animated. He makes his first appearence in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends


Blurr was assigned to the Cyber Rings to a safe place where they would be safe from the hands of the Decepticons. Blurr was believed to have perished after ramming Megatron's warship, the Nemesis. But little did the citizens of Cybertron know that Blurr had survived the crash and so had the rings. But they got separated, the rings landed in the Nevada desert near the Autobot base and Blurr landed outside Canterlot High, where he was spotted by the car, the King. When firefighters came to investigate, Blurr took King's vehicle form in order to disguise himself. Later, Blurr ran into a boy named Rainbow Blitz who became the Blue Flash, Blurr's partner. After that, they discovered that the rings had landed near the Autobot base and Blurr was sent to investigate. When he arrived he saw that the Steam Team, Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver and Emily had obtained the rings. He trained them each until they were ready to face bad guys even without super powers. But when Megatron showed up to take the rings from the trains, Blurr sprung into action. There was a big battle between him and Megatron. And when all hope seemed lost, Blurr's former teammate, Sentinel Prime (Animated) arrived to help him.


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