Here's when Blythe makes her discover and Chris' anger kicks in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[we return to Geonosis where we see Blythe heading inside a big castle, then she hears noises. And there was a droid factory!]

Blythe Baxter: Another droid factory?

[she then walks down some stairs where she sees the Nightmare family and the evil girls]

Trixie Lulamoon: I'm getting impatient over this.

King Sombra: Don't worry, miss Lulamoon. She'll be dead soon.

Adagio Dazzle: The sooner, the better.

Starlight Glimmer: Yeah. I'm sick of waiting.

[Blythe follows them quietly through the vents]

Nightmare Moon: And so, we'll soon have control on Earth, and every planet in the galaxy. And with these new battle droids, the Republic will be no match. Not even the Jedi, and we'll be the new princesses and princes.

[Soon it sideswpes back to Earth, and Chris finds a pack of velociraptors eating a carcuss and moves in quielty]

[Chris slowly creeps along the ground, quietly as possible, and then he comes across a pile of other carcusses, where he finds Marguerite on top (covered in scars and bruishes)]

Chris: Marguerite! Marguerite!

Marguerite: [very weakly] Chris?

Chris: It's me, Marguerite.

Margurite: [very weak] You're so handome. You're a Jedi...

Chris: I missed you.

Margurite: Chris... I... I...

Chris: Stay with me, Margurite!

Margurite: I... I.. love you... [then she groans weakly as her head then droops down, indicating she's gone]

Chris: No! [he thens holds her for amoment, then looks at the audience angry. Then he throws a rock at the alpha raptor and he deploys his lightsaber]

Velociraptor alpha: SCREEECH!!!! [pounces but Chris kills him by swinging his lightsaber and it sideswipes to Luna feeling Chris' pain]

Princess Luna: [meditating as she can hear Chris killing the raptors]

[then Brian comes into the room]

Brian: What's the matter?

Princess Luna: Pain. Suffering. Death. I can sense something terrible happened and Chris in pain and he's suffering.

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