Blythe visits Zecora and it goes back to Chris and Sunset in Attack of the Clone Equines.

[Meanwhile, Blythe heads to a training room where Zecora is teaching younglings]

Zecora: Younglings. Younglings!

[The younglings deactivate their lightsabers]

Zecora: We have a visitor.

The younglings: Hello, Master Blythe Baxter.

Blythe Baxter: Hello. Zecora, I didn't mean to interrupt. But I need your help, I'm looking for a planet that makes poision darts. But it doesn't appear in the maps.

Zecora: It appears that Baxter has lost a planet. How embarrassing. Close the blinds, and will help

[One of the younglings close the blinds and a map of galaxy appear]

Blythe Baxter: It is said to be right... here! [points to it] It's Kamnio!

Zecora: Kamino? Alright, younglings I think that's enough for class today.

[The younglings leave as the blinds open]

Blythe Baxter: But Zecora, I don't get it. Why would the Kaminoans make poison darts?

Zecora: I don't know, it's mysterious. But I'll meditate on this.

[Soon it sideswipes to the next scene as Chris and Sunset Shimmer's transportation ship lands on Naboo]

Sunset Shimmer: It's nice to come here on this planet.

Chris: Yeah. It's peaceful. So, where do you wanna hide from this assasination?

Sunset Shimmer: There's a lake house I know. It'll be the perfect place to be there for the time being.

BB-8: [beeps doubtfully]

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