Here's how Blythe and Rogue's fight goes in Attack of the Clone Equines, and how Chris and Sunset Shimmer return to Earth.

[We return to Kamino, where we see Rogue (now wearing his armor and jetpack) and Leo boarding their ship, but then Blythe races through the doors]

Blythe Baxter: Hey, stop!

Leo: Dad, look! It's that Jedi Master!

Rogue: Leo, get on board! I'll deal with her!

Blythe Baxter: [draws and then ignites her saber]

[Rogue then draws his blaster pistols and starts shooting at Blythe as she deflects each shots. As Rugoe then activates his jet pack and flies upward still shooting as Blythe barrel rolls on the deck avoiding each one, as Rogue hides behind a tower. As Leo gets into the pilot's seat and starts up the ship, just as Rogue comes out from behing the tower and fires a rocket at Blythe, which she jumps clear of but she drops her saber. Then Leo turns the ship towards her and fires the laser turrents at her, which the shockwave sends her flying back, as Rogue then flies in. But then Blythe jumps up and kicks him the face, making hit the ground and drop his blaster pistols. As Blythe then starts delivering kicks to him as he then delivers punches to her, as Leo watches from inside the ship. Then Rogue knocks Blythe down and she tries to retreive her saber but then Rogue flies over her and shoots a cable at her hands, which binds them together as he then drags her off the Platform.]

[But Blythe forces him down and his jetpack collides in a pillar, when he tries to retrieve one of his pistols, Blythe kicks him off the platform which was a big mistake]

Blythe Baxter: Mother...

[Then she's dragged down]

Rogue: [quickly deploys grappling blades and drives them into the side of the platform and slows down but Blythe continues sliding down and is soon dangling from the cable as her weight starts dragging Rogue closer to the edge.]

Blythe Baxter: This is not good!

Rogue: [reaches for his wrist and then releases the cable]

Blythe Baxter: Uh oh. WHOAAAA!!!!! [she then gets free and then throws the cable at another platform which hooks onto the walkway railling and she then swings onto another walkway]

Rogue: [looks over the side but doesn't see Blythe] That took care of that nosiy girl. [he then climbs back up the side]

[BVlythe then races through the door just as Rogue makes it back to the platform as Leo then revs up the engines, just as Blythe races in and grabs her saber. And ignites it, but Rogue is already boarding the ship as it slowlyt lifts off, but then Blythe tracks a tracker device and throws it onto the ship and it sticks on. As the ship then takes off]

Blythe Baxter: [extinguishes her saber] I hate Mandalorian Bounty Hunters.

[Then it goes to Earth and then a Naboo shuttle flies in and then down into Earth where it lands at a spaceport]

[Then Chris sees Vinny]

Chris: Vinny!

[Vinny looks over]

Vinny: Chris! How's it going?

Chris: I need your help, Vin. I'm in search for Marguerite, do you know where I can find her?

Vinny: Oh! Uhm, she's somewhere a the Pewtershmidt's.

Chris: The Pewterschmidt's?

Vinny: Yeah. She went to visit them, but she never came back.

Chris: Then that's where we'll go.

Sunset Shimmer: Then let's go there now.

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