This is where our heroe board the Silver Streak and Daylight Special and meet Blackie in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

[we open up to the 20th Century Fox logo]

[and then we see our heroes at Canterlot Train station]

Brian: Boy, I'm liking forward to this!

Vinny: Me too.

Squidward: [grunting as he tries to move some luggage of Rarity's] What are in your bags Rarity, rocks?!

Rarity: They're not rocks! They're just the essentials.

Squidward: What kind?!

Rarity: Perfume. Make-up. And all my ensembles.

Applejack: Rarity, we ain't headin' ta' Jupiter, wer' goin' ta' Sunnyside Beaches.

Rarity: Yes, I know! But you never know what you'll need.

Human Applejack: Well do ya' suppose you can try ta' not pack so heavy on our next trip? Ya' tend ta' make any steward or Squidward very worn out from carryin' yer' heavy luggage.

Rarity: I'll see if I can't try to remember next time.

Human Rarity: Me too.

Vanellope: Is the Silver Streak and Daylight Special really great as they say it is?

Princess Celestia: Yes. It's one of the greatest trains in service.

Princess Luna: And we get ourselves tickets for these elegant trains.

Elsa: Well, come on!

Spongebob: Let's hurry and get on!

[they board the train and soon reach their coach suite]

Brian: Whoa!

Sylveon: Amazing.

Yuna: Narly.

Zeñorita: Wow, qué una suite increíble!

Lazlo: This well best trip ever!

Clam: Best trip!


Conductor: Board!

[the trains' whistles blow as they pull out of the station]

Porter: So long, Canterlot! Bye!

[soon the trains are driving on their way as the sun sets]

[With our heroes]

Spongebob: Boy, what a fantastic train!

???: Spongebob! Spongebob Squarepants!

SpongeBob: Huh? [gets up and looks around]

Sweetie Belle: Who said that?

???: Sponge! Over here!

SpongeBob: [looks over] Hey!

[we see a black sheep walk over]

Fluttershy: It's a black sheep.

Spongebob: [gets up] Blackie! Long time no see!

Blackie: You too, bud!

[they shake hands]

Shining Armor: Sponge, you now him?

Spongebob: Of course I do.

Blackie: Me and him are old friends.

Rarity: And who are you?

Blackie: I'm Blackie. Nice to meet you.

Fluttershy: [feels Blackie's wool] You're soft.

Blackie: Thank you.

Squidward: What brings you on here?

Blackie: I headin' ta' Sunnyside Beach for a little R&R. You?

Pinkie: That's where we're heading too.

Blackie: Nice, so how have things been Sponge? Beat any villains lately?

Spongebob: Yeah.

Blackie: That's good to know. Wish I could've been there.

Snowdrop: Nice to meet you. I wish I could see you thou.

Blackie: Ah, you're blind aren't ya?

Snowdrop: Yes.

Blackie: But you still have you other senses. Wait, aren't you the filly that made the first snowflake in Equestria?

Snowdrop: Yes.

Yuna: How'd you know that?

Blackie: Sponge told me in a few letters he sent me.

Spongebob: Yeah, I've even told him about some of our adventures.

Blackie: Even your adventures with Deceptitrains and how Thomas became a Prime.

Twilight: That's right. Did he also tell you about us adopting Nyx?

Blackie: Sure did.

Nyx: Fasinating.

Blackie: And you must be "Brian Griffin".

Brian: Please to meet you.

Blackie: And you. [the 2 shock hands]

[later, in Blackie's coach suite]

Patrick: So that's how you guys met.

Blackie: [carrying a duffle bag of something] Sure is.

Applejack: That sure is one big dufflebag ya' got ther'.

Blackie: Yeah, I'm just gonna do the daily, cleaning and oiling.

Rarity: "Cleaning and oiling?" Cleaning what?

Blackie: These. [throws his duffle bag down on the table and it rolls opens revealing: some pistols, a knife, a desasembled double-barrel shotgun, a disembled M14 rifle, a fancy knife, and ammo]

The Eds: Whoa!

Blackie: Impressive, huh? [starts with his shotgun]

Brian: Most impressive.

SpongeBob: Where did you get these?

Blackie: I got my guns sometime ago.

Human Pinkie: Well, why do you have broken shotgun and broken rifle?

Blackie: Broken? Are you kiddin'?

Human Pinkie: Well, why are they all in peices?

Blackie: [to himself] Jezz, Sponge wasn't kiddin' about her idiotcy. [outload] They aren't broken, they're disasembled.

Human Pinkie: Oh.

Human Fluttershy: Do you get scared, when you're prepared?

Blackie: It never hurts to be prepared, besides I need someway to keep that dumb wolf outta my wool. [finishes assembling the shotgun]

Fluttershy: Wolf?

Blackie: Yeah, he wants to try to take my nephews and other white sheep. [cleaning some parts of his rifle] But he's not very smart.

Spongebob: Just like Plankton.

Blackie: Yeah. I'm always getting him in the end.

Human Rainbow: [picks up one of the pieces of rifle] So, I'm guessin' this wolf never gives up.

Blackie: Yeah, [takes the part from Rainbow (human)] he'll do anything to get his way.

Rainbow: I see.

Blackie: [oiling the rifle] Yeah, but soon he soon began to give up.

Applejack: Normally, we've seen sheep act like sheep, but never have we meet any sheep like you.

Blackie: Well, I'm one of a kind. [assembles the next peices of his rifle]

Vanellope: Nice.

Blackie: Thank you. [puts the cocking lever in place]

Princess Celestia: It's nice to see a friend of Spongebob. Even if he is a sheep.

Blackie: [doing work to his pistols] And it's nice to be speaking to the highest atthority of Equestria.

Princess Celestia: Thanks.

Princess Luna: Not a problem.

[Meanwhile, in the Silver Streak's baggage car]

[We see a man getting beat up]

Adagio Dazzling: That hurt. [punches him]

Aria Blaze: You gonna talk?

Man: No!

Aria Blaze: [grabs him and punches him]

Sonata Dusk: Do it, harder!

Adagio Dazzling: It's here, and we'll soon find it.

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