Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder
is the main protagonist of the children's TV show of the same name. He is a general contractor and head of his own construction yard based in Bobsville and later in Sunflower Valley and Fixham Harbour. Bob is from a family of builders - his father Robert is also a builder and so was his grandfather Billy. He is assisted by Wendy and a host of anthropomorphic vehicles in various projects in and around town. In the early episodes he was not good with computers but in newer episodes he used them for construction work designing. Some of the problems in the show arise from Bob's habit of forgetting to turn his mobile phone on. He also is the owner of Pilchard the Cat. He is voiced by Neil Morrissey in the UK, and by William Dufris, Greg Proops and Marc Silk in the US. In the 2015 reboot, he is voiced by Lee Ingleby in the UK and Colin Murdock in the US.



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