This is how Boba Fett captures Thorax, Battle in Mos Eisley, Discord, Jyn, Trixie, and Starlight get captured by Boba's men goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Rogue One.

[We then see some Rebel Extremists watching as they bring Thorax, the defecting Imperial pilot]

[Their leader steps forward]

Boba Fett: Everyday. More lies. Let's see it.

[Their leader is revealed to be Boba Fett]

Boba Fett: Thorax. Cargo pilot.

[His second-in-command gives him a holocron]

Second-in-Command: [in alien language] [translates to: "We found this on him."]

[Thorax understands this]

Thorax: They did not find that on me, I gave it to them. You know what,