Boingo is the hidden main antagonist of Winnie The Pooh Gets Hoodwinked.  He is Red's former best friend turned archenemy, Rabbit's evil cousin and the Evil Ski Team's leader and boss.

At first, Boingo appeared to be one of Red and Pooh's best friends, but he eventually revealed his true colors and also revealed that he is the Goody Bandit. His evil plan is to steal everybody's snack recipes and use them to create his new Boingo Snacks and fill them with dangerously and addictive chemicals and blow up the forest and turn it into a bunch of different places (a casino, an ultra mall, a theme park, etc). The reason for his evil was because he was done answering to people and being the lowest animal of the forest. He gave Wolf and Twitchy the wrong directions to Granny's place, blew up Kirk's schnitzel truck, associated with an Evil Ski Team, and caused Red to fall off a car.

At the end of the film, Boingo and his henchmen the Evil Ski Team were taken to prison by the police after trying to kill Red with sticks of dynamite in Boingo's air tram. However, before they are taken to prison, Twitchy got a quick picture of the rabbit, telling him to say, "Parcheesi." As the van drove off to prison, Boingo kept banging on the window and shouted that a "cute little bunny rabbit" like him cannot go to prison.


Boingo is very greedy and knowledgeable and is an evil genius (though he said in the first film that he doesn't know if he would say "genius" as he was asked to join Mensa).

He lives in his own cave lair and used to travel in his cable car (which got blown up in the first film).

Boingo's favorite foods are carrot crumpets.


Boingo has tan fur with beige eyebrows, muzzle, and feet. He has a red underbelly and long ears that he can use as weapons.


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