Bonanza aka "Bonnie"


Bonanza's former robotic body.

(formerly known as Bonanza) is the first female member of Logan's crew in the "Logan's Adventures" series.


Formerly the daughter of Professor Miles Turnwood of the steampunk planet Steamporia, Bonnie's brain was transplanted into the body of his latest creation but unfortunately he died after a fire broke out in the lab. Wrongfully accused for the death of the Turnwood family, Bonnie resorted to a life a robbery and developed a deep hatred to humans.

But then her life changed upon meeting Logan and his crew, who convinced her that there are people who don't consider her a monster and thus sees her for what's on the inside and not the cover. After convincing the police with proof of who Bonanza really is, they built her a new body and downloaded all her memories into a disk.

Now stronger, faster, and with the ability to fly, the gun-slinging Bonnie makes for a worthy member of the team after finally receiving the one thing she's always wanted: A family.


  • Bonanza was partly inspired by the robot outlaw of the same name from the New Three Stooges cartoon episode, Lastest Gun in the West. But wheras the Bonanza in the Adventures series is a robotic cowgirl horse who was once human, the Bonanza in the Three Stooges cartoon was a robot cowboy controlled by an evil Swiss scientist.

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