Here is the scene where Bonnie and Shuff gets 2 diamonds from diancie in Team Robot in Pokemon: Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction.

(The Next morning, our heroes are on the boat, Diancie and the Heroes are running down the staircase and are having fun)

Ash Ketchum: Wow.

Flain: That's Cool!

Tai Kamiya: Wait up!

Emerl: Slow down!

Percy: Catch me if you can!

Zaptor: Don't Forget about me!

Toad: Don't try to stop us!

Torts: Going Slippery is very fun, Catch me if you can!

Zoe Orimoto: Torts, Stop chasing, you're getting slippery!

Dudley Puppy: Chasing is fun!

Gatomon: Wait up!

Kari Kamiya: Come and Get us!

Dash: Let's go and have some fun!

Sweetie Belle: (Running and Giggling)

Krader: Slow down!

Teslo: You're going way too fast!

(We cut to the next scene where several dozens of buizel and floatzel, As all of the heroes looked at Buizel and Floatzel)

Zorch: Wow, This sea is Beautiful!

Joe Kido: Can you ever believe that Gomamon?!

Gomamon: This is too Amazing!

Kristoff: Indeed.

Gator: Yep, and look at those Pokémon!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Look down there!

Chris Kratt: What a seaful of paradise!

Martin Kratt: You said it Chris!

Clemont: A group of Buizel and Floatzel!!

Tommy Himi: Amazing!

Henry: That's my luck!

XJ-5: Hello Buizel and Floatzel!

XJ-6: Nice to meet you!

Bonnie: Hel-LOOOOH?!

Shuff: Hey Sea Weasels!

Olaf: Hi guys!

Jawg: (Laughing)

Clay: Talk about fun and swimming!

Amy Rose: Hey There, Have a great Swim?!

Glomp: Swimming means fun!

Sora Takenouchi: They're look so beautiful!

Biyomon: Tell me about it.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Diancie: You all swim so beautifully!

(A group of Buizel and Floatzel are greeted and jumps into the air and splashed all over the heroes)

Emerl: Hey!

Takato Matsuki: They Splashed over us!

Ken Ichijouji: Now, you get us all wet, Wormmon.

Wormmon: Funny, But wet.

Kimiko: Wormmon and Ken, That's hilarious.

Double-D: (Soaked) Fellas, I'm so wet!

Ash & All The Heroes: (Starts Laughing)

The Eds: (Laughing)

Edward: Now you got me all wet! (Laughing)

Flain: I'm all Soaked!

Lunk: Cheer up Flain, it will reheat again!

Zorch: Yeah, you might get warmed up!

Takuya Kanbara: Looks like were all soaked up!

Zor Orimoto: It's okay, to be soaked.

XJ-4: Well you gotten reheated things to do.

Agumon: Don't worry, I can gave you this hottest look.

(He Breathes fire like a hair dryer at Tai to warm him up)

Tai Kamiya: Thanks Agumon, now it's the Mixels turn.

(He Breathes another fireball but it's hits Volectro)

Volectro: Ow! That hurts!

Agumon: Oops, Sorry Volectro, But look at the bright side.

Volectro: What bright side?

Zaptor: You have pointy hair.

Agumon: You wouldn't be soaked and wet anymore.

(Later Ash, Serena, Bonnie and Clemont switch to different clothes)

Emerl: Too bad We Gotten All soaked up.

Aqua: (Chuckles) Yeah, you think.

Donald Duck: Yeah, so did I!

Sora: You can say that again.

Tai Kamiya: They'll dry up soon.

Agumon: Yeah.

Kiva: I'm cool with it. Besides I like to cool off in the summer this way.

Torts: Summer is a great thing of all time!

Diancie: This is the most fun I've had since leaving, and it's because I'm on this journey!

Ash Ketchum: Traveling with friends is fun, Glad you're having a good time.

Terriermon: Of course it is fun.

XJ-7: Nut yeah, I'm too tired.

XJ-1: Wow, that was having with XJ-Sisters!

Huey: You always say that!

Yumi: Boy, now this more fun!

Sora Takenouchi: Traveling with our friends are so amazing!

Teslo: More Electrical than the others!

Dave: Yeah Electrical waters!

Diancie: I don't understand. What do you mean by friends?

Ash Ketchum: What do I mean? Friends are friends. Right?

Twilight Sparkle: Friends means helpful friends.

Ventus: Friendship, what is a friendship?

Tentro: Yeah even then, we were friends.

Scott: Even like Friendship.

Hoogi: Yeah!

Anna: For younger years, Elsa and I were having a great time doing playtime in the snow, but she locked me out.

Elsa: It's alright, we should be just okay.

Hoogi: Yeah you can hear that!

Mickey Mouse: Friendship, means heartful friends.

Flain: Even the mixels, with my pals.

Thomas the Tank Engine: Even the Engines.

Davis Motomiya: Mixels Are greatful for Digimon. Veemon is my Digimon Friend, and Ken is my best friend.

Veemon: So to Flain, Krader, Teslo, Flurr, Gobba, Kraw, Glomp, Scorpi and Magnifo!

N.A.N.O.: Engines and mixels, that's very nice.

Koji Minamoto: Same here.

Gmerl: Tell her, Serena.

Serena: Friends are people that you know and trust who really like to play with you and talk with you.

Bonnie: They help you and you help them.

Spongebob: Patrick and I are friends.

The Chief: Yeah.

Zoe: We Play and lots of fun.

Scorpi: Even with the Mixels!

Goofy: Gosh, Playing on a cruise line is simple and amazing.

Norbert: We enjoy ourselves doing our beach.

Daggett: Well, that what you get we goes on our Beach.

Sticks the Badger: Beach means summer paradise.

J.P. Shibayama: Summer in Orlando, Florida!

Eddy: Ed, Double-D and I are friends that we make scams back in the Cul-De-Sac.

Clemont: It's good for everybody involved!

Thomas the Tank Engine: That's right. Percy along with James, Gordon, Henry, Toby and the other steam engines are great friends.

Dudley Puppy: Kitty Katswell, The Chief, Keswick and I are friends that we're spies.

Mordecai: It's like this. Rigby and I we're best friends and the rest of the guys in the park. We help our friends Skips, Pops, Benson, Muscle Man & High Five Ghost helping each other working in the park and fighting bad guys.

Tai Kamiya: The Digidestined and I we're great friends, We help each other to fight evil Digimons. Like we fight Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, The Dark Masters and Apocalymon.

Takato Matsuki: Guilmon is my best friend and so as Henry, Terriermon, Rika and Renamon are my friends as well.

Henry Wong: Yea, you see we did a great teamwork like we defeated the 12 Digimon Devas and the D-Reaper.

Rika Nonaka: Renamon is my friend, because we work together to fight Digimon. When we met our friends, we we're best friends we ever had.

Takuya Kanbara: Koji, Koichi, J.P., Zoe, Tommy and I are really great friends.

Agumon: Yeah, My Digimon friends and I we're pretty amazing!

Smitty: Making things right is helpful.

Sweetie Belle: Doing Passion things and generosity things.

Rich: Even amazing Friendship things!

Toby: Even though your friends right?

Diancie: Friends...

Sora: Yeah, that's right.

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and I are also friends, together we have friendship.

Ash Ketchum: Like us. We're friends with you.

Pikachu: Pika Pikachu!

Emerl: That's right.

Skipper: Well you see, Kowalski, Rico and Private are friends as well that we help each other.

Private: Even like me.

Smitty: Sure, I Always like things about friendship.

Finn the Human: Jake and I are like friends.

Jake the Dog: Maybe like brothers!

Anna: Yeah, even my friends!

Rich: Like friends!

(Diancie starts hopping and stands)

Diancie: Well then, it that's friends are, I will hereby allow you all to be my friends.

Xion: That's right.

Michelangelo: That's correct Diancie.

Dewey: That's kinda nice.

Huey: Yeah, that's great!

Louie: Even like Friends!

Bonnie: There you go again, sounding like a princess!

(All the heroes Laughed)

Zoe Orimoto: Diancie, you're great!

Miles "Tails" Prower: That's amazing!

Volectro: Yeah, that's right!

Xion: You are kinda cute.

Magnifo: Friends like being a magician!

Yolei Inoue: Even with our Digimon!

Sora Takenouchi: You're the greatest princess ever, Diancie.

Diancie: Friends... I'm so happy! (She Claps then suddenly it began to glow and 2 diamonds flies up and Bonnie catches it)

Flain: Heads up!

(Shuff catches another diamond)

Shuff: Got it!

Seismo: Nice catch.

Flain: What was that?

Keswick: That's Weird.

Omi: What's weird?

Bonnie: Is this a...

Ash: It's a diamond!

Emerl: Did... Did you make that?!

Gmerl: I don't believe it!

Flurr: That's Cool!

Princess Bubblegum: That's Beautiful!

Scott: That is a neat Diamond!

Daring Do: That's a neat treasure!

Thomas the Tank Engine: Sprinkles and Sparkles, That's a cool Diamond!

Rika Nonaka: Is it just me or did Diancie create a diamond!

Mordecai: I can't believe it!

Rigby: I want one!

Ping Pong: Me too!

Dudley Puppy: Me too!

Mimi Tachikawa: I really want it too!

Sora Takenouchi: Me too!

Yolei Inoue: Hey give me one! Please!

Clemont: That's incredible!

Bonnie: Pretty!

Shuff: I got mine!

Aviva: That's amazing!

Emerl: What is a Diamond?

Riku: A Diamond of Joy.

Rarity: That's so pretty.

Gordon: Amazing!

Pinkie Pie: Sparkly!

Flain: Pretty and Amazing!

Oggy: (Meows in joy)

Jack: (Meows in joy)

Olivia: (Meows in joy)

XJ-2: Yeah, Sparkly and Pretty!

Kari Kamiya: Great and Pretty!

Diancie: But, it will disappear soon, sorry.

Mimi Tachikawa: What?!

Mordecai: Oh what?

Rigby: Boooo!

Joe Kido: Wait, what?!

Knuckles: You gotta be Kidding me.

Finn the Human: How come it will disappear?

Diancie: Because I don't have enough power to create diamonds.

Matt Ishida: (In Barry's voice) Major bummer, man.

Rich: What a Shame!

Mimi Tachikawa: I really wanted a diamond!

Jake the Dog: What a Shame!

Fluttershy: Uh... It's okay.

Pinkie Pie: Cheer up, Diancie!

Diancie: I will and Mimi, I'm sure you'll get a diamond soon.

Palmon: She's right. You'll wait until you get one.

Mimi Tachikawa: Okay.

Kitty Katswell: You're amazing!

Mark Evo: We want to keep that!

Percy: Yeah, we love to keep this!

Gatomon: Same here.

Ami: Yes! it's beautiful!

Shuff: I Really love to keep this!

Rarity: I really want it as well!

Max: We want to make more diamonds!

Rainbow Dash: It's 20% Cooler!

Footi: Much way cooler!

XJ-3: Yeah, Much more Cooler!

Dave: Yeah, it would be great!

Bonnie: I love it! Can I Keep it, please?

Kari Kamiya: You think it's okay if she can have it?

Diancie: Yes. I hereby bestow it to you.

Bonnie: (Jumps into joy) Yay! Awesome! (She puts a Diamond into a bag) Thank you so much. That's so nice!

Shuff: Me too! (He Eats a Diamond and swallows it) Delicious!

Krader: Shuff! You ate that diamond, what you were thinking?!

Rainbow Dash: Krader, Please don't even bother.

Smitty: Rainbow Dash, That's very funny.

Hawkmon: Mixels, That's just what you waited.

Dave: Indeed, Waiting is the best part.

Rarity: (Sighs) Wow, that's just a diamond lover.

Twilight Sparkle: You'll get a diamond soon, Rarity.

Kimiko: Very soon as well.

Kari Kamiya: You're so nice, Diancie.

Gatomon: You're kinda cute.

Diancie: (Giggled)

(Later, Our Heroes Arrived At Orsay City)

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