(In Maleficent's palace)

Jafar: What drew the disaster to the people?

Maleficent: The ringmaster ordered the men to let the animals out. It was lust for power that was the attack. But it seems the attack was too tasty for his own good.

Grand Duke of Owls: (laughs like Oogie Boogie and in Oogie's voice) Yeah. He got chopped instead.

Jafar: The heroes like them stood no chance against the ringmaster. But the bear is a problem. The ringmaster is killed by an elephant.

(Mortimer and Kaa appear)

Kaa: Master.

Mortimer: And mistresses.

Kaa: We are defeated? Pooh and the allies have won.

Maleficent: Fear not. It will take them ages to defeat us. (The vision of Pooh and friends walking appears) Besides, the heroes are on the adventures.

Ursula: Yes. And his wives.

Maleficent: They are falling into our hands one by one. Mortimer, you are welcome to us.

Mortimer: Thank you, mistress.

Maleficent: Soon, revenge will be ours!

(Mortimer laughs wickedly)

(Maleficent laughs wickedly)

(Hades laughs wickedly)

(Ursula laughs wickedly)

(The Grand Duke of Owls laughs wickedly)

(Brer Fox laughs)

(Jafar laughs wickedly)

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