Here is how Vice Principal Luna starts bottle feeding Isamu before Yuna's bedtime story in Yuna and Vice Principal Luna.

Later, It was time for Isamu's bottle feeding.

Princess Yuna: (here's the oven bell) Isamu's bottle is ready. (checks the bottle's temperature) It's warm enough.

Vice Principal Luna: Thank you, Yuna. (feeding Isamu his bottle) Here you go, Isamu.

Prince Isamu: (sucking his bottle and groans)

Vice Principal Luna: (burps Isamu)

Prince Isamu: (belches)

Princess Yuna: Very good.

Prince Isamu: (kissed Luna)

Vice Principal Luna: (chuckled)

It was bedtime, Vice Principal Luna puts Isamu to bed in his crib.

Vice Principal Luna: Time for bed, Girls.

Princess Yuna: Yes, Luna.

Snowdrop: Okay.

Moon Starlight: All Right.

Yuna, Moon and Snowdrop brushed their teeth, and rinsed. Yuna goes to the top bunk and Moon and Snowdrop goes to bottom.

Vice Principal Luna: How about I tell you girls a bedtime story.

Princess Yuna: Sure, My mama always told us that.

Vice Principal Luna: Let me tell you girls about how My sister, Principal Celestia and I became supporters to the Harmony Force Rangers after being rescued by Nadira, Ransik, Diabolico and Loki from Venomark.

The flashback begins.

Vice Principal Luna: (watching breaking news with Principal Celestia) Celestia, Look!

New Reporter: Chaos is running throughout the city. People were bitten by some sort of monster. Right now, The Silver Guardians arrived just in time to take them to the hospital.

Principal Celestia: This doesn't look good.

Then, Venomark appeared and bit them.

Ransik: Venomark!

Venomark: Ransik? How did you get here!?

So, Ransik and Venomark fought.

Ransik: There's nowhere else for you to run!

Nadira: (takes Celestia and Luna) Don't worry, We'll take you somewhere safe.

Tirek: Surprise!

Nadira: (screams as Tirek grabbed her) Daddy! Help!

Tirek: Time we take you hostage! (disappear with Nadira)

Ransik: Nadira! No!

Venomark: I'll be back, Ransik! (ran away)

Ransik: Diabolico, Loki. Get them to safety!

Loki: Right away, Ransik!

And Diabolico and Loki took Celestia and Luna to the Secret Base.

The flashback ends.

Vice Principal Luna: That's how My sister and I became supporters ever since.

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Snowdrop: That's amazing.

Moon Starlight: What cobra poison in your shoe?

Vice Principal Luna: Well, Let's not talk about it right now.

Moon Starlight: If you say so.

Vice Principal Luna: Now, Gets some sleep. We've got a big day ahead tomorrow.

Princess Yuna: Okay, Luna. Goodnight.

Vice Principal Luna: (tucked the girls in) Pleasant dreams.

Vice Principal Luna started humming a lullaby for Isamu.

Vice Principal Luna: (humming "Make a Wish")

Prince Isamu: (started falling a sleep)

Vice Principal Luna: (puts him to his crib) Happy dreams, Isamu.

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