Here's when Boulder rolls again in Return of Boulder.

["Joe gets a Bite" starts playing]

Narrator: The next day, everyone was working harder than ever. Then when Rusty went to check on Boulder, he noticed something.

Rusty; Hey, I think I saw Boulder slightly move!

[we see the boulder slightly move]

Rusty's driver: Rusty, don't say that. I don't wanna go through that incident again!

[but the boulder then rolls down the hill!]

Rusty: Oh, no! Not again!

[Boulder then rolls down the line]

Narrator: Boulder is now on the loose! And soon it is now racing down the main line!

Rusty: Come on, after that Boulder! [he races away]

[we now view Boulder detroying everything in his way, as Rusty is following close behind]

Rusty: Oh man, this is worse than the last time!

The Narrator: Later, the others were unfamiliar or heard that Boulder has been on the loose. Until...

Tom Tucker: Good morning, I'm Tom Tucker,

Diana Simmons: And I'm Diane Simmons, chaose has struck when a giant Boulder that has been on a hill for a long time, after a Boulder incident is now on the loose.

Tom Tucker: We'll now go to Ollie Williams, with the heli report. Ollie?

[Cuts to Ollie]


[Cuts back to Tom and Diane]

Tom Tucker: Thanks, Ollie.

Sweetie Belle: Oh, no! Boulder's loose!

Scootaloo: Oh great, here we go again.

Apple Bloom: We have ta' warn everyone!

Sweetie Belle: I better get Button and Babs to help out too!

[It cuts to her doing so]

Babs Seed: That Boulder is runnin' loose again?!

Sweetie Belle: Yeah!

Button Mash: Then let's go and stop it before it's too late!

[they hop on their dragons and take off for the narrow gauge line]

[back with Boulder]

Narrator: Meanwhile, everyone in town was enjoying the day.

[we then see the Cabbage Man with his cabbage cart, and then he's starting to cross the track when he sees Boulder!]

Cabbage Man: WHOA!!! [jumps clear]

[then Boulder smashes his cart]

Cabbage Man: MY CABBAGES!!! (groans) Just for once, can I have one cameo appearance without my cabbages getting destroyed?!

Rusty: [races past] Sorry, Mr. Cabbage Man!

Narrator: Rusty continued his pursuit of Boulder, but then  when he turned a corner Boulder was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly!

Rusty's driver: Oh no! It's behind us, again!

Rusty: Oh no!

[Rusty then races down the line with Boulder on his tail]

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