Gumdramon went to the Star Observatory and he saw Mario and Luigi

Luigi: Oh, Hi, Gumdramon.

Mario: Yeah. Hello, Somebody I don't know.

Rosalina appeared with Luna

Rosalina: E.Gadd told me Mario wasn't quite himself. I thought this might be just what the man needed.

Luma: Of course, it will make him feel better.

Then Yoshi took it

Rosalina: Yoshi! What are you doing! That's not yours!

Luma: Yoshi! Come back!

They went after him and they explained to him

Luigi: And you see, that Medicine isn't for you, is for Mario. He needs it.

Yoshi can't, he just jump

Yoshi: Yoshi.

Luigi: You think that Bouncing will make him remember?

Yoshi nodded

Luigi: Well, I don't think it's a good idea, but... Okay. Let's do it.

They are bouncing and they're done

Yoshi: Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi.

Mario: Well, that bouncing make me feel sick, Somebody I don't know.

Yoshi is look sad

Yoshi: Yoshi...

He throw the Bottle

Luigi: Yoshi, Be careful.

Yoshi: Yoshi...

Mario: Aw, Cheer up, Yoshi. I'm sure you can have some fun with me someday.

Yoshi heard his name, Mario said and he look happy

Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi!

Mario: Of course, I remember you. You're a good Dinosaur.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

That Night

Mario: Night, Luigi.

Luigi: Night, Mario.

Mario is Dreaming that he was on a Hill with his friends and he saw a Silhouettes

Mario: I wonder who it was? Maybe, I'll find out tomorrow.

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