Terry: Really! That Robot is no match on Us!

Dr Achimoff: Oh Really! (He push the Button)

(Then the Guard Robot just blast it with a Rocket and Destroy the Status of Danville, and that makes Phineas Ferb and Their Friends Frightening from that Guard Robot)

Peter: That is One BAD Robot!!

Pinky: At least he didn't destroy-

(And then the Guard Robot just blast the Bowling-R-am and now it got Destroyed)

Pinky: The Bowling-R-am.

Citizen: Not the Bowling-R-am! (Crying)

Perry: He'll be better soon.

Alt-2 Dr Doofenshmirtz: Oh Yeah! We forget to Destroyed that one!

(He push the Button again, The Robot just blast it the Make-up Factory and now it got Destroyed)

Dora Kid: (Gasp) Nooo! Dorami will never be Pretty without her Make-up!!

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