Breakaway ROTF render


stands out as an Autobot with flight capabilities. Not only that, but in a straight line, there aren't many fliers that keep up with him. In battle he uses this to his advantage, dispensing with any aerial acrobatics, and simply relying on bombing runs at super-sonic speeds to get the job done.

In Revenge of the Fallen video game

Breakaway was the Autobots sole flier. He possessed a fusion beam sniper rifle that allowed for precision, long range attacks. His secondary weapon was a burst mini gun. Additionally, he could also release a heatwave which would overheat Decepticon weapons, allowing Breakaway to fight them hand to hand. He was always the one to report the results of each mission and was in the communications window more often than any other Autobot.

One of the newer Autobot arrivals to Earth, he and Bumblebee were put to training by Ironhide in Sam Witwicky's hometown of Tranquility.

When the Decepticons assembled a force to resurrect Megatron using an AllSpark shard stolen by Ravage, Breakaway, being the only flier at the time, was the sole Autobot able to assist the besieged United States Navy fleet assigned to guard the area. Following his arrival, he began fixing their anti-aircraft guns to dispose of the Seeker forces attacking the ships, fighting Constructicon drones off. Once the guns were repaired, Breakaway rescued several injured sailors that needed evac to their medical center in the radar station built for the fleet. Despite all this effort, the Constructicons managed to reactivate Megatron, and the Decepticons were once again a serious threat to Earth. After Sam Witwicky left for Egypt with Jetfire, the Decepticons launched a cloaked probe to locate the boy. Breakaway was dispatched to track down and destroy the probe. He succeeded, but discovered that there was a second probe cloaked by the first. Breakaway managed to destroy the probe before it could pick up Sam's trail.


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