Breakdown is an episode of Thomas' Adventures of Thunderbirds Are Go ( 2015 TV Series)


On Virgil Tracy's birthday, he and Henry travel to the Artic Circle to rescue a mining crew trapped in a glacier. However, Doctor Peck, the scientist in charge of the project refuses to leave.


Breakdown Distress Call/Virgil's Birthday

A guy climbs up an icy wall. He slips and falls back down but manages to climb out. He reaches an emergency beakon satalite and calls International Rescue. He only manages to make out the word 'Breakdown' and collapses. The next morning, Virgil Tracy meets up with his brothers and the Steam Team on his birthday. But they all pretend to forget, all except Henry. Suddenly, John Tracy calls them, saying that they are needed in Thunderbird 2. The two quickly spring into action and set off.

Arriving in the Arctic Circle/Henry's Underground Rescue

John calls Tracy Island, saying that Virgil doesn't expect a thing. Meanwhile in the Arctic, Virgil and Henry approach the glacier. They land and find the guy who sent the call. Henry gets the guy into Thunderbird 2 and warms him up. Virgil talks to John Tracy in Thunderbird 5, thinking they could change their name to 'International Breakdown'. John tries a catchphrase but it doesn't fit. Virgil then asks John to run a scan on the mine, and he detects two life signals below the surface.


  • Sunset Shimmer guest stars in this episode.
  • Henry fear of being trapped is revealed, when he explains that he once got shut up in a tunnel to Virgil.


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