This is how Brian's new Batman Outfit goes in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

[Brian's Batman Outfit look so Ruined]

Evil Ryan: What's wrong?

Brian: Stewie, of course.

Stewie: It wasn't my fault I did it.

Tino: Maybe Crash can fix it.

Brian: No, it can't.

Ryan F-Freeman: Why?

Brian: Because I need a new Outfit, this isn't cool enough.

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe this Outfit will do it.

[He give him a Blue Batman Outfit]

Brian: Thank you, Ryan. You think you will meet Princess Odette?

Ryan F-Freeman: I will, now get dressed.

Brian: Alright.

He get dress and have himself look cool

Brian: How do I look, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Awesome. Tino and I can sing a song for you.[his pendant glows blue]

Brian: Nah, I'm good for you're singing. Thanks.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Like my pendant?

Brian: A little. But man, I'm look like Batman from Superfriends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I hope Meg Griffin will be my girlfriend.

Brian: Someday, you will.

Ryan F-Freeman: And even though, I got something for you that you will like.

He show Brian and Stewie the Bat-Mobile

Stewie: Awesome!

Brian: Alright! I like to have my own Bat-Mobile!

Ryan F-Freeman: I knew you like it. Now let's go!

They drive off

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