Here's how Brian's argument goes in The Day the Griffin's Came Part 2.

[Previously on The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk]

Brian: There's one hope. Equestria.

Princess Luna: Who are we in the presence of?

Brian: I am Brian Griffin. We are from Quahog.

Cadance: Impossible, Quahog is ruin for a millenium.

Brian: It is a ruin for a millennium.

Brian: Fear not, we all know tomorrow is Thanksgiving day. So tomorrow, instead of having a turkey, we're gonna have a DRAGON!!!!!!!

Yuna: NO!!

[The real episode plays]

[Brian then goes to see the royals again]

Brian: I knew you were hiding something! No wonder you couldn't help us, you care about them.

Princess Celestia: I couldn't bare to kill another dragon if it means rebuilding your home! And now you have my neice's Night Fury!

Brian: The dragon? This is who you're worried about? And not the Fire Drake that killed hundreds of us!?

Princess Celestia: And we've killed thousands of them!

Princess Luna: Brian, she's not dangerous!

Brian: Dangerous?! [scoffs] I don't think so, if your daughter gets in the way, she'll die as well!

Princess Luna: NO!!!!

Brian: It's her warning! And, I know. You were all responsible of Smaug's destruction! And now, all Quahog is burning because of you!

Yuna: Dragons are kind!

Brian: You idiot!! Dragons are not kind, there monsters! [grabs her by the throat] Monsters are no capable of being friends! [lets her go] At sunrise, the Night Fury will die! [leaves the throne room]

Sharon: Mother, what should we do?

Princess Celestia: I don't know.

Yuna: I don't want him to kill Nightstar! 

Princess Luna: Don't, worry, we'll think of something. [to one of the guards] Head to Berk and aleart Stoick.

[Meanwhile, Smaug awakes and heads to Equestria]

Smaug: I am fire, I am... death!

[we then see him flying towards Equestria]

[In Berk]

[the guard then races in and heads up to Stoick]

Royal Guard: Cheif Stoick, we request your assistance in Equestria. Princess Yuna's Night Fury is in danger of being killed!

Stoick: Take me there at once! [to Gobber] Round up everyone, and aleart Hiccup!

Gobber: Right away!

[In Canterlot]

Brian:It's nearly there.

Hiccup: Stop!

[Brian looks back is meet by Hiccup and the others]

Hiccup: Dragons are harmless.

Brian: Why? Because you're friends with them too?

Hiccup: Yes, let me show you.

Brian: No! Don't show me anything. [throws a PokeBall showing Metagross]

Metagross: Meta.

Brian: Metagross, use Pshychic so they won't stop me.

Metagross: Meta! [uses psychic]

[The others can't move]

Skyla: What's he doing?

Nyx: It's pshycic!

Brian: Say your prayers to the dragon.

Yuna: NO!!!

[Brian then heads to the cemramony]

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