Here's how Brian's nightmare goes in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[Later we come to a dream world and Brian is running to something]

Sylveon: Brian! Brian!

[Brian looks down and sees Sylveon hanging from a cliff]

Sylveon: Help me!

Brian: Sylveon!

[He reaches down to grab her, but we see Ernie laughing towards him]

Brian: Sylveon, just a little further.

[She tries to grab him, but..]

Ernie: Gotcha!

Brian: Ah!

Ernie: Trust me!

Sylveon: [starts sliding] Brian!

Brian: [as Simba (adult)] NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[She falls down into a pit of lava]

Brian: [turns back] Ernie!

[However when Ernie laughs it transforms to him!]

Brian: [gasps] It's me?

[Brian's clone kicks him down into the pit]


[However before he touches the lava, he suddenly wakes up panting and looks around and everyone is fine. But he walks down the stair as Sylveon wakes up]

[Later Brian is outside watching the moon]

Sylveon: What's the matter?

Brian: Nothing.

Sylveon: Come on, just tell the truth.

Brian: It was a dream.

Sylveon: Bad?

Brian: Just like the ones I had, when I was trapped in Jumanji.

Sylveon: And?

Brian: And, it was about you.

Sylveon: Tell me.

Brian: It was only a dream, alright? [walks foward but stops and turns back] You died by falling off a cliff, when I was trying to save you. And Ernie was there, but he turned into me, and kicked me down into a pit.

Sylveon: He was you?

Brian: Yes.

Sylveon: It was only a dream.

Brian: I won't let this one become real.

Sylveon: Look, you're in charge for the Grand Galloping Gala. You've been giving a great honor, and if the Council finds out we're still in love, you'll be expelled....

Brian: I know, I know.

Sylveon: You think, you want Thomas, Twilight, or any of the others to help you?

Brian: I don't need their help. The new Grand Galloping Gala is a blessing. [he goes inside]

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