Here's how Brian, Vinny, and Barret come back into Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[Later, our heroes return to Earth from a Republic Cruiser and land in Canterlot]

[Then, the rest of the gang come up to the cruiser to greet them]

Edd: You're alive!

Zoe Trent: And you've succeed in saving Blythe!

Vinny: But the Biskits, Britt, and Tiff escaped. They'll run, and hide, like they always do. They're cowards.

Scootaloo: Well, we'll find them again.

Twilight: For now, Celestia and Barret have something to tell us.

[The 2 kiss]

Princess Luna: [feels something]

Princess Celestia: What's wrong?

Princess Luna: I'm sorry, I just feel a strong disturbence in the Force.

[As they walk away, Brian is dragged back, but activates his Lightsaber in a alarming rate]

Sylveon: Brian!

[Brian is shocked, he deactivates his Lightsaber and they kiss]

Brian: I.... missed you, very much.

[The 2 kissed, but Brian noticed they're being seen]

Brian: I'm tired of all this. Ever since the battle of China, the new war is making our love a mere thing!

Sylveon: Brian, you're almost a Jedi Master. And....

Brian: And then what? Jedi's aren't suppose to be married! Ah, you don't understand. It doesn't even matter to you.

Sylveon: I do understand, and it does matter me. You knew it will be like this. Perhaps things can change, If the new war is over. But for now, everyone needs you. And from the shadow's of Coruscant. Or any other city, and most importantly in my heart, I will always love you.

Brian: Well, you do act like a Dark-type sometimes.

Sylveon: Brian.

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