This is how Brian and Stewie Rescue Ryan F-Freeman and how they Sacrifice to be in the Realm of Darkness in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

[Brian and Stewie are looking for Ryan F-Freeman are and they saw him]

Brian: Ryan! There you are!

And then Ryan F-Freeman grab their Necks and lift them up because Darkness is inside him

Ryan F-Freeman: Who... Am I?

Brian: Hey! Ryan! It's us! Stewie and Brian!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryan... You say...

He let go of them and he struggles and then he Chuckled

Ryan F-Freeman: His heart has been taken over. Smothered by the Darkness within him!

[He attacked them]

Brian: Our Names are Batman Brian and Iron Stewie.

Stewie: Now returned our friends heart, or pay the price!

They are fighting

Ryan F-Freeman: You will sink into the abyss!

He summon a Guardian, they are fighting and he defeated him, then a light has surrounded him

Ryan F-Freeman: What? Stop fighting back!

Then he's unable to move

Brain: Ryan! We know you're in here!

Ryan F-Freeman is moving his arm

Ryan F-Freeman: That will teach you, Kamen Guts hater! Get out of my body!!!

[He brakes Vortech's staff]

Both: Ryan!

[The Guardian has disappeared and Ryan fall into the Darkness, Brain and Stewie are gonna save him]

Brian: The Darkness won't have you!

They grab Ryan and going to the light, but the light is closing

Brian: We have to do something or else we'll be lost.

Stewie: How can we do that?

[Then they got an idea, they created a Barrier for Ryan]

Stewie: You're safe, Ryan. Help your friends.

Brian: Go!

Now they are falling into Darkness

Brian: You look after Meg now, Ryan. Peter, Lois, Chris, Tino, everyone. We're so sorry, we won't about to come back as soon as I thought.

Stewie: But we promise one day, we'll come back.

They fade into light

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