Optimus: Brian, Stewie. I have a great new to tell you about your skill, you fight very well. And i named you, Master Brian and Master Stewie.

Brian: This is Great!

Stewie: Yeah!

Brian: Now we can travel other world after we become-

Then Brian and Stewie has seems to be attacked and it was Ernie the Giant Chicken

Brian: What the? I thought you were fighting Peter?

Ernie: I was... But if your his Dog, that means I'm gonna beat you too!


They are fighting and destroy everything in Quahog, in the City Hall

Mayor West:

Carol: That's okay, Honey. I'm sure, everything will be fine-

Then Brian, Stewie and Ernie appeared fighting in the City Hall, and after that Brian and Stewie won the Battle, and went off. Then Ernie is alive again.

Minutes Later

Their friend saw Brian and Stewie look injured even their superhero outfit looks torn up

Ryan F-Freeman: What happend?

Brian: Peter's Nemesis. Ernie the Giant Chicken. And Wow, we never have a first fight with him.

Evil Ryan: Stewie? I hope you make a recovery. Lois is so worried.

Stewie: It's okay, it will heal soon.

Bertram T. Monkey: I got you some flowers. I guess Matau's master is ok if you like them.

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