This is How Brian and Stewie trapped in the Realm of Darkness and How they meet Aqua and fight a Dark Hide in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

The Others found Ryan F-Freeman laying

Meg Griffin: Ryan! Are you ok? Say something like your name.

Ryan F-Freeman: Meg... I'm still Ryan.

Lois: Where's Brian and Stewie!?

Ryan F-Freeman: I... don't know what happened to them.

Lois: They... They're gone.

She cry because she lost her baby

Tino: What do we do?

Ryan F-Freeman: Let's go fight Lord Vortech! For what he did to me!

Tino: But, what about...

Ryan F-Freeman: I know, but they can do this own their own.

They left to right Lord Vortech


[Brian and Stewie are wondering around the Realm of Darkness]

Brian: Stewie? How long we've been walking?

Stewie: I don't know.

Then a Darkside has appeared, they are gonna then more of them has appeared, they cannot fight that many, so they have to give up

Brian: Looks like it's the end?

Stewie: Yeah...

Then Two Keyblades has appeared and it Darkside is gone and the Keyblade has Vanish, Brian and Stewie smile and realised

Brian: Thanks, we realised we forgot to smile.

[They look at the Pictures and remember their Friends are here]

Both: There's always a way.

Brian: As long as you're with us, we'll always find our way, always.

They went off to find their way out, and they a Light then a Jet of Darkness is flowing

Brian: What?

Stewie: What's happening?

They heading there and they saw Aqua

Aqua: Who are you?

Brian: I'm Brian.

Stewie: I'm Stewie.

Aqua: I'm Aqua.

Stewie and Brian saw a Keyblade she's holding

Brian: Hey. That Keyblade that's the one that Mickey had, have you met him?

Aqua: Of course, but... How did you know him?

Brian: Oh, he is great to us, we have a lot Adventure we did.

Aqua: Is he with you?

Brian: Actually, No. We sacrifice ourselves to save our friend.

Aqua: Who?

Brian: Ryan. We can't let the Darkness have him.

Aqua: Just like me, who save Terra.

Stewie: You really miss you're friend?

Aqua: Yes. I really want to see them again.

Brian: Don't worry, Aqua. We'll find our way out, no matter.

Aqua: Okay.

Brian: Come on.

[They went off and they been attacked by a huge monster]

Brian: What the heck?!

Stewie: What is that thing!?

Aqua: This Monster is not an Unversed. Just a Dweller of Darkness.

They are fighting it and they defeated it and they are walking and they saw something and they look shock because they saw something

Brian: What the...

Aqua: Could it be...

Stewie: Oh.. my... gosh.

They saw Castle of Dream covered in Darkness

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