Here is how Brian and Thomas play chess, Green Goblin attacks, and Spider-Man comes to the rescue in Age of Darkness.

(MU theme plays as Brian sets up a chess board)

(Thomas chuffs up)

Thomas: Hey, Brian. What 'cha doing?

Brian: I'm setting up a chess board. Wanna play?

Thomas: Sure.

(a dramatic game of chess begins playing)

Brian: You're going down, Thomas the Tank Engine!

Thomas: I don't think so, Brian Griffin!

(Thomas then captures Brian's King)

Thomas:(as Johnny Test) Check mate, fuzzy buddy.

Brian: Darn!

(just then, a bomb in the shape of a pumpkin lands on the chess board and explodes)

Brian: What was that for?!

(a familiar laugh is heard as Green Goblin throws another bomb)

(ponies and people run as Goblin continues his attack)

(suddenly, a web hits his face)

???: WAAHOOOO!!!

(Spider-Man swings in and kicks Goblin)

(Goblin hits James, denting him)

James: Hey!

(he knocks Goblin off in anger and huffs away)

Green Goblin:(kicks Spider-Man into a building window)

(he flies up there)

(he sees Spider-Man is sitting on the couch, eating pizza, and listening to his music)



Does whatever a spider can~

Spins a web~

Any size~

Can't you see?~

He's just like us~

Look out!~

Here comes the Spider-Man~

Spider-Man: Bet you wish you could have some of this.

(Goblin just stares at him)

Spider-Man:(webs his face)

(he then damages Goblin's glider)

Green Goblin:(flies away to repair his glider) I'll get you for this, Spider-Man!

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