Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles is an upcoming series to be made by Hiatt Grey.




Recurring characters

Episodes and Movies

Season 1

  1. Judy's Dark Side Part 1
  2. Judy's Dark Side Part 2
  3. Judy's Dark Side Part 3
  4. Joe's Flea Market
  5. The Cutie Mark Crusaders' Clubhouse, Disaster
  6. Mighty Joe in a Pickle
  7. Sunrise Shimmer the Zebra
  8. Eevee the White Pokémon
  9. Vinny-277
  10. The Ghost of Boulder Mountain
  11. Elsa's Secret
  12. Dolphy's Snow Delivery
  13. Survival of the Dogs

Season 1 End Movie: Bellwether Strikes Back: The Return of Godzilla!

Season 2

  1. Pokémon Duel
  2. Rachel's Flying Kipper
  3. Espeon, Glaceon, and Leafeon's Slumber Party
  4. Sorry, Wrong Time
  5. Mike Sees Ghosts
  6. Cake Night
  7. Sir Handel Blows Out
  8. Spino Strikes Back
  9. Vinny's Last Day
  10. The Battle of the Roads & Rails
  11. The Sun Daughter Rescue Part 1
  12. The Sun Daughter Rescue Part 2
  13. The Lair of Sideshow Bob

Season 2 End Movie: Return of Jumanji

Season 3

  1. Sunset Shimmer's Revenge
  2. A Wedding Escapade!
  3. Fashion Beach Showdown
  4. Planet of the Slaves Part 1
  5. Planet of the Slaves Part 2
  6. Attack on Arendelle
  7. Herman's Bad Day
  8. Knockout to the rescue
  9. Tod owes up
  10. Tod and the freight cars
  11. Tod returns to the other Railway
  12. Glynn Helps Out
  13. Sleeping Shinji

Season 3 End Movie: 

Season 4

  1. Who Framed Blythe Baxter?
  2. A Small Misunderstanding
  3. Coaches vs. Freight Cars
  4. Prank a Leg
  5. Minka the Food Moocher
  6. Trouble at the Harbor
  7. Little Bear and the Beast from the Forest
  8. Battle Over Laputa
  9. Peter's Unlucky Week
  10. Final Wars Part 1
  11. Final Wars Part 2
  12. Final Wars Part 3
  13. Final Wars Part 4




  • In season 2, there will be a three parted film saga called: "The Clone Equine Wars trilogy".

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