Here's how Brian makes up goes in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[We see Brian walking in with a cast on him (due to his arm being piecred by Nightmare Hiro's Lightsaber blade)]

Twilight: So, how's your arm?

Brian: You know, it hurts. They had to give me stitches to where I was holding that saber.

Dudley Puppy: So how long do you have to wear it?

Brian: Throughout the year. Besides, I can't drive, or use my lightsaber, so everyone's gonna do it for me. And during that, I have to spend 20 hours of community service, picking up trash.

Edd: Well, it'll serve you right for killing those Jedi, Royal Guards, and younglings. And besides you have to send them apology notes to their families. The ones you've killed.

Brian: I know. And besides I'll send them gift baskets as well.

Sylveon: I hope you learned something for all of this.

Brian: I already did.

Thomas: Brian, I want you go back to being in charge of the Gala. Truth is, I didn't really wanna be in charge that much.

Brian: You really mean that?

Thomas: Yeah.

Brian: Thanks, Thomas. [to the Eds] And guys, I'm sorry okay? I was jealous. Okay, no one told me that you already completed your adventures. But the truth is, [sighs] I'm proud of you. And I still take back that stuff. And I promise, I won't talk about it ever again, till the end of the world.

Eddy: Well, Brian even though we should beat you up right now, we forgive you.

Brian: [hugs the 3 Eds] I love you guys.

[He leaves the room]

Eddy: Brian loves us.

Ed: Yeah.

[Then Edd is sniffing]

Eddy: Double-D, why are you crying?

Edd: I'd never been hugged by a dog before.

Ed: Friends forever we all will be!

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