Here's when Brian discovers who murdered Vinny in Wrath of the Century.

[Brian is still crying for Vinny, 5 days later]

Eevee: (crying) Poor Vinny.


Sylveon: [rubbing her back] I know it's hard but..

Peter: Don't worry guys, I have it all taken care of. We went down into the pound and we got a new dog. He's called "New Brian".

New Brian: Please to meet you.

Glaceon: And you got another dog, and you named him "New Brian".

Lois: It's so you all won't get confused. Of which one is Brian.

Brian: Lois, I don't think this is really necessary to just...

[Door knocks]

Brian: Come in.

Joe: [comes in]

Vaporeon: It's Joe Swanson!

Joe: Brian, we may have found Vinny's killer.

Brian: Who?

Joe: Chill Butch, he was a dog murderer since 2002.

Brian: Where does he live?!

[It cuts to him at his place]

Chill Butch: Look, you got your money.

[then Brian bursts in]

Brian: Chill Butch.

Chill Butch: Yeah? Who are you?

Brian: You killed my borther!

Chill Butch: Holy shoot! You're his brother! [tries to fist punch him]

Brian: [grabs his fist and then punches him then kicks him] You die!

Princess Celestia: Brian! Don't. Killing him won't bring him back.

Brian: I don't care! He killed Vinny! My brother! Elsa's spouse!

Yuna: Brian, is this what he would want?

Brian: Yuna, you're my niece-in law and I don't want you to suffer the same fate as him! This murderer, must pay for his actions.

Yuna: Brian, Mama told me how you were suffering as Anakin once before. Please don't do that, for me.

Brian: [remebers and then thinks about it] [releases him]

Chill Butch: [takes out a revolver and cocks it] See ya, losers. [points at Yuna]

Brian: [as Anakin Skywalker] NO!! [activates his lightsaber and splits the revolver and Force pushes him out the window and the fall kills him] I'm sorry Yuna.

Yuna: It's alright. You saved me.

[they hug]

Brian: But I wish Vinny was still here.

Princess Celestia: He loves you Brian, you know that. Come on, let's go home.

[they left the hideout, but then there's blaster shots!]

Brian: AAAH!!

Yuna: What was that?!

Princess Luna: [to Celestia] Do you sense that?

Princess Celestia: Yes, I do sister.

[the Princesses activate their sabers]

Princess Luna: Go.

Yuna: Mama, no!

Princess Celestia: Go, get out of here! We'll hold him off!

Yuna: No!

Cadance: GO NOW, YUNA!!!

Yuna; NO!

Brian: [picks her up] C'mon!

[Brian then races out, as the Princess slowly wlak down the hall, and then a figure races by]

Princess Luna: Who goes there!?

[the figure races by again]

Princess Celestia: After him!

[they race down the hall but soon come to a dead end]

Cadance: Dead end.

Princess Luna: Where is he?

[they keep their sabers up as they search, but then we hear an airgun fire, as a dart then hits Celestia on her leg]

Princess Celesita: Uh!

Princess Luna: Tia!

Cadance: Aunt Celestia!

[then a dart hits Luna on her wing]

Princess Luna: Uh!

Cadance: LUNA!!!! [turns around with her saber out in a defense position] Okay, come on out! Show yourself! [but as she walks forward, another dart then hits her on flank]

Cadance: OW!! [moans] (dazed) "Help me, Shining Armor, you're my only hope." [she then falls to the ground]

[then the figure appears, as he then removes his hood and reveals to be Nightmare Hiro]

Nightmare Hiro: [into his holgram communicator] I've got them.

Nightmare Moon: [on communicator] Good work, my apprentice. We'll send a shuttle right away.

[A few minutes later a shuttle arrives, and he drags the 3 onboard]

[we then view King solar Flare and Barret Barricade as they then sense the shuttle]

Barret Barricade: We have to help.

King Solar Flare: We can't suffer the same fate.

Barret Barricade: Solar Flare!

King Solar Flare: Let them leave.

[The shuttle leaves]

Barret Barricade: We need to inform the others of this.

King Solar Flare: At once.

[Then later it fades to the 3 in a room and are restrained to tables]

Princess Celestia: Huh? [tries to break free]

Princess Luna: What is this?!

Cadance: Let us out!

Nightmare Moon: Afraid not.

[Then Ernie comes in]

Ernie: It's a real honor for you to join us.

Cadance: What are you doing?!

Ernie: You're gonna be my apprentices.

Princess Celestia: WHAT!?

Princess Luna: Over our dead bodies we will!

Ernie: Oh, you will. [punches her stomach] They will kill me, do you understand me? In the time it takes you to blink, they will kill you, and they will kill me, so you show a little respect, WHEN SOMEONE SENDS YOU TO TARTARUS OR SOMEWHERE ELSE!! Saturn, the potion.

Saturn: [hands him the potion]

Princess Celestia: What is that?

Ernie: It's a potion that will allow you to be Sith.

Nightmare Moon: In exactly 5 minutes when drinken, you'll soon have the Dark Side of the Force within you.

[Then some little Deceptitrains open their mouths]

Ernie: Drink up. [pours it down]

[but then then they manage to spit it out]

Ernie: [wipes off their spit]

Nightmare Moon: Foolish ones, you don't know the power of the Dark Side! [Force Lightning zaps them]

[the 3 yell in agony as they are zapped]

Nightmare Moon: Don't think you can avoid this, you will be on our side soon! [cackles as she continues Force Lightning zapping them, till they're too weak to even struggle.]

Ernie: Let's try this again.

[The tiny Deceptitrains then open their mouths again as Ernie pour the potion in their mouths, and then they're mouths are shut as they are forced to sallow it]

Ernie: Perfect, now begins the transformation!

[we now see the 3 in another room lying on tables, as they are shaking and then they yell in pain and agony as they shake around, knocking over tools]

[then after they continue shaking around and yelling, purple arua then start form at their eyes.]

Ernie: Yes.

[then soon, it was silence till the dust clear they open their eyes revealing they are Sombra and Changling green! And they break free from restrain]

Nightmare Moon: Sucess!

Ernie: (laughs evilly)

Cadance: [dark voice] We will serve our master.

Ernie: Good. Now go and find those losers.

[the 3 corrupted Alicorns then fly away]

Ernie: Soon, the Jedi shall fall.

[with the Crophoppers]

Sebeena: They what?!

Dusty: It's true.

Sebeena: But... But... It can't be, they can't!

Ishani: The Princesseses might be strong, but they aren't immortal. Even the Princesses can be corrupted, it's happened many times before.

Sebeena: But.. they can be cured, right?

Dusty: We won't spoil it for you.

Ishani: Alright, continuing on.