Here's how Brian shows his true colors and feelings to everyone else and leaves the team in Revenge of the Nightmare Family & Changling Queen.

[meanwhile, we now view our heroes at the temple as they all fight the remaining Changlings in the temple, and soon kill them all]

[as we then view the majority of the rest of the gang parolling the city]

Mucker: No sign of any Changlings yet.

Sharky: Keep your eyes open.

Mako: Okay! [pulls out his eyeballs and raises them]

Steam Mech: [face claws]

[back with our heroes in the temple, they are survaying the damage]

Thomas: Cinders and ashes!

Vinny: It's horrible

Edd: This is totally dreadful!

[then we hear Zoe scream]

Gail Trent: Zoe?

[they race to where Zoe screamed and shocked to found many dead Younglings]

Fluttershy: Oh no! Not the younglings too!

Figge: [Takes a closer look] What a second, something's off.

Vinny: What is?

Figge: These Younglings weren't killed by Changlings, they were killed with a Lightsaber.

Dexter: And that's not all, I've been looking around the temple and found a few bullet shells. (shows a handful of rifle and pistol shells) So most of the Guards and other Jedi in here were alos killed with regular guns too.

Judy Hopps: [takes 2 of the shells and looks at them] One's 5.56mm and the other is .45acp.

Figge: Those certainly aren't the caliber of the Changling weaponry.

Vinny: Who? Who could've done this?

Hugs; It's like Order 66 all over again! But thirtyfold!

Brian: Guys! (races in)

Vinny: Brian! You're here!

Brian: I saw it! It was horrible! He was maniac!

Pepper Clark: Huh? Who was?

Brian: Gleaming Shield's second in command. He went rouge, and then started attacking everyone in here, and then lead the chanlings into here! I tried to stop him but I couldn't, and then he knocked me out and took my pistol! And by the time I woke up, it was too late. But I chased the rouge guard and took him out.

Astrid: You can't be serious! That did not happen!

Brian: Then what do you call this?! [shows a bruise on his cheek]

Shining Armor: Brian, this not the time to be this way! We're in serious trouble! While we were searching for you, a bunch of Changling Troops have been attacking!

Mike: And they were trying to kill us!

Shining Armor: Brian, you had us worried sick! Do you think this is all a joke?! To just leave us, while the Cchanglings come and attack?!

[then out of nowehere, Brian smacks him!]

[Everyone gasps]

Shining Armor: OW!! WHAT THE HAY ARE YOU...

Brian: QUIET!!!!! {it echoes in the whole room] I've had enough of this!!!

Vinny: What are you talking about?

Brian: You know what I'm talking about, you skunk bag!

Vinny: Skunk bag? Skunk bag?!

Brian: You heard my words!

Twilight: Brian. what do...


[glass shatters]

Willy: Wha?

Brian: You're grandpa is nothing but a spas! You know that? He killed almost half of your family, and I got a news flash for you! We got along just fine, before he showed up!

Twilight: Brian!

Willy: This qualifies as just fine?! Insulting him while he's recovering and turning back to the good?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOU'RE DOG GONE MIND??!!

Brian: Don't push it, Willy! He's nothing but a cheap knock-off of Anakin Skywalker!

Zoe Trent: Deh... Cheap knock off?! HOW DARE YOU!!!

Brian: How dare me?! How dare you for butting in this conversation!

Zoe Trent: I'm defending him!

Brian: Oh, yeah? You're nothing but a brat! And you're too small to reach my size!

Zoe Trent: I may be small, but I'm braver than you!

Brian: [growls in her face, and Zoe hides behind Willy] [chuckles] I knew it. You're nothing but a cheap coward.

Judy Hopps: Cheap coward?! Zoe's not a coward! She's a brave, loyal dog!

Brian: Oh, yeah, Judy? Your just a dumb bunny who doesn't deserve to be a cop! And as for you, Blythe! You'd never should have trained the pets with the Force and you give fashion designers a bad name! And Celestia, Luna, Cadance, you made the dumbest decision to sacrifice your magic, and you got banished to Tartarus, hence why you're big, stupid cowards, Hiccup, you're not worthy to be a dragon master, Twilight, you and the others are excuses for their given elements, and you should have dated a handsome stallion, instead of Thomas, and Thomas, you shouldn't be in charge, I should! Besides, you guys never show any of your villains any mercy at all! And as for.... [points to the Eds] You! You're too stupid not to invite me to your last stinking adventure!

Edd: Alright, that's it, Brian! You're gonna shut up and pay attention! We didn't invite you, because you like to butt into people's business!

Brian: [eyes turn into Sith color, and he does a force repulse that sends everyone flying] YOU STUPID, MORONS, YOU NEVER CARE FOR ME AT ALL, ALL YOU CARE IS FOR THOMAS, TWILIGHT, WILSON, KOKO, BREWSTER, AND YOURSELVES!!!! YOU ARE ALL THE WORST GUYS I'D EVER HAD, I'M MORE BETTER ON MY OWN WITHOUT ANY OF FOOLS, AND I'D NEVER WISHED I NEVER EVEN MET YOUR STUPID, STINKIN', STUPID, LIVES!!! GOODBYE!!!! [leaves the temple leaving dents in the floor with each foot step] R4, let's go to the Bespin System!

R4: [beeps]

[His ship takes off into space]

R4: [beeping]

Brian: I'm fine, R4. Prepare for lightspeed.

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