Here's how Brian meets Flik again in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar

[We see Nightstriker flying]

Brian: [takes out a photograph of Slyveon] Don't worry, Sylkveon, I will return to you!

Flik: Hey, guys!

Brian: AH!

[They then start flying down]

[then Nightstriker hits a tree (on his left side) and slides down it, onto the ground]

Brian: Dammit, Flik! What are you doing here?!

Flik: I want to help you. And I brought my friends.

Brian; Friedns? what friends?

[then out from the bag, emerges the Circus bugs]

Francis: That would be us.

Heimlich: Yeah!

Brian: No! And besides, you've broken Nightstriker's wing and now we have to walk!

Flik: I can fix that! [he then grabs various items and then constructs a bandage on his broken wing] There we are!

Brian: Thanks, but we have to walk for the.... [hears something]

Rosie: What's that?

Brian: [as Merry (in his way)] It's Jafar's army. The war has started!

Flik: [gasp]

Slim: Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good! Not good!

Brian: Come on, let's move.

[they then move quietly]

[They move as it cuts to Canterlot]

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